A Year On, TN RERA Continues To Remain Headless

Defying the Central Advisory Council (CAC), Tamil Nadu Real Estate Regulatory Authority (TNRERA) continues to remain headless. As per the initial order, a permanent regulator was supposed to be appointed by June 30.

TN RERA came into existence on June 22, 2017, and has remained headless since then. Presently the body is temporarily run by bureaucrats, including Housing Secretary along with retired officials of the CMDA and nominal muster roll workers, most of whom are linked to the CMDA officials.

The fact that TN RERA is still awaiting a permanent chairman has raised concerns among urban development experts over the functioning of the authority.

“A permanent chairman and two members are yet to be appointed,” Times Of India quoted an official with the state housing and urban development department as saying. “ The housing and urban development secretary continues to be the interim chairperson.”

Due to the situation in TN RERA, realty experts firmly believe that the authority cannot take a firm decision since there is no head or guiding-person. S Kanagasundaram, former president of the Association of Licensed Building Surveyors, Coimbatore, claimed that TN RERA cannot take any concrete step without a permanent regulator, New Indian Express reported. He also alleged that documents submitted for registration are not crossed verified.

Earlier it was reported that TNRERA has sought Rs. 10 crores from the government after moving into a swanky office in the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority building. As per a top TNRERA official, TNRERA has sought budgetary support in anticipation of possible costs to be incurred on the authority and tribunal.

It is clear that the time has come that TNRERA’s affairs are put in order by appointing the committee members and chairman. The move will restore the confidence of promoters as well as consumers since there has been a rampant lack inof transparency in the functioning of TNRERA.


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