This World’s Tallest Skyscraper Would Be Hanging Upside Down [See Designs]

Ever dreamt of living in an ‘out-of-the-world’ skyscraper? What if this space gives ever-changing views from your window too?

Would you believe us if we say that a proposed structure, that is being deemed as world’s tallest skyscraper, will be upside down?

Yes, you read that right. New York based design firm Clouds Architecture recently unveiled the designs for its future project, which will be dangling upside down. This proposed structure will be made in such a way that it will be hanging from an asteroid instead of being supported by the ground.

Quite literally out-of-the-world! Since this proposed tower wouldn’t touch the ground, the designers say it would breezily bypass maximum height restrictions. What a loop.

Named as Analemma tower, this structure would be constructed in Dubai (owing to low construction cost!) and then floated to New York City, where it would stay. It would hang from an asteroid at approx. 105,000 feet above ground level, somewhere near the border of stratospehere and mesosphere. It would hung using reinforced cables while the orbital path taking the building in a figure of eight pattern over various cities, including New York and Havana.

This world’s tallest skyscraper will be planned in a way that the lower two-thirds of the building would be occupied by offices, while the residential and garden units would be on the middle section. The point closest to Earth being dedicated to entertainment, shopping and dining while the very top is planned to be dedicated for worship and funerary section.

And since the building would not touch the ground, the risks from earthquake, floods and tsunami are automatically ruled out. Space-based solar panels would be used for power generation while water could be captured from clouds and rain water. However, occupants would not be able to sit and relax in the balconies owing to the near vacuum and -40C temperature.

Wanna book a flat here? Well, you have to wait for the future. Designer Ostap Rudakevych told Business Insider that the firm created the design to imagine what could be possible in the future. Until then, enjoy the futuristic design here:


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