ASSOCHAM, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs kick-start 7-Day-Long Virtual Expo On “Realty & Sustainability Confluence & Awards 2020”

New Delhi, Nov. 27, 2020: ASSOCHAM in partnership with Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt of India, ASSOCHAM GEM, NAREDCO, CBRE and Hiranandani Group has kick-started a seven day long virtual expo on “Realty & Sustainability Confluence & Awards 2020” today to celebrate the contributions of real estate sector towards the growth and development of the country. This virtual expo intends at acknowledging success, recognizing contributions, appreciating efforts and celebrating growth of the contributors of the real estate industry which widely remains a major contributor to the economic development of any nation worldwide.

Speaking today at the expo, chief guest of the event, Shri Durga Shankar Mishra, Secretary– Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, GOI, said that the government is fully focused on sustainable housing and construction in the country and taking various steps including reforms in the sector.

“We are moving at a fast pace in our mission of sustainable housing and construction under the able leadership of Prime Minister Shri Modi Ji. Under his guidance we have worked on getting the best technology from across the world and have selected 6 from amongst the initially shortlisted 54.  Now work will soon be seen on these six lighthouse projects and the sector will see the introduction of best technology in the construction sector. We are also working on ways to best utilize our waste in construction.

We have also taken several steps on affordable rental housing. A housing revolution of sorts is happening with the construction of more than 1 crore houses; this is also giving new fillip to steel, finance and associated sectors in the country.”

The way reforms are happening in sustainable housing and construction in India, we will soon be counted amongst top nations in this sector.”

Shri Mishra ji appreciated ASSOCHAM for taking a sustainable initiative and starting GEM Green Building Certification program for the buildings.

The seven-day event has a slew of eminent personalities and experts from the government, industry and academia who will engage in panel discussions, lectures and talks on pertinent topics.

Apart from Shri D S Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, GOI, other prominent panelists included Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani (President- ASSOCHAM and Founder & MD- Hiranandani Group), Mr. Pankaj Dharkar (Founding Chairman-ASSOCHAM GEM Green Building Certification Program and President- Pankaj Dharkar Associates), Mr Pradeep Aggarwal (Chairman- ASSOCHAM Council on Real Estate, Housing and Urban Development and Founder & Chairman- Signature Global Group) among others. An awards session was also held as part of the event to honor stalwarts of the industry.

Dr Niranjan Hiranandani, President, ASSOCHAM and Founder & MD, Hiranandani Group, said,

“For the real estate sector, which has been a major contributor to climate change globally, the focus should now be on sustainable living and sustainable practices in development. Sustainability is no longer an option but the need of the hour, to conserve the resources and protect the environment.

The increase in environmental awareness among people, has impacted real estate in India and we have seen a dramatic increase in green buildings in the last few years. Today’s confluence and awards program will go a long way in furthering the discussion and promotion of sustainability in the real estate sector in the country”.

Mr.  Pankaj Dharkar, Chairman, ASSOCHAM GEM Green Building Certification Program and President, Pankaj Dharkar and Associates, said,

The GEM Green Building Certification Program has been started by ASSOCHAM to complement in India’s Sustainability Movement and to create an environment for designing and building Green and Eco-friendly Buildings in the Nation and fulfil the dream of Hon’ble Prime Minister Modi ji to make a Green and Sustainable Nation. GEM is now approved by some state governments and will be a Green program for the nation in the years to come”.

Mr Pradeep Aggarwal, Chairman, National Council on Real Estate, Housing and Urban Development, ASSOCHAM and Founder Chairman- Signature Global Group, said,

Importance should be given to green zone in Affordable Housing, for this we at Signature Global are providing Green buildings. Recently we launched our 7th IGBC Gold Rated Project. This will ensure that we save our natural resources and residents in our projects get pollution free life. Since, pollution in cities these is on the rise, it becomes important contribute to nature while stepping towards an advanced way of living”.


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