Noida-Inspired Development in Bundelkhand Sparks Hope for Economic Renaissance


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    In a significant step towards the rapid industrialization and development of the Bundelkhand region, the state government has announced plans to establish the Bundelkhand Industrial Development Authority (BIDA). With a budget of ₹5,000 crore earmarked for the acquisition of approximately 14,258 hectares of land across 36 villages in Jhansi’s Sadar tehsil, this move aims to create industrial, commercial, and residential townships, emulating the successful model of Noida-Greater Noida.

    Bundelkhand, historically considered one of the most backward regions in the country, will witness a much-needed boost to its economic prospects through BIDA’s establishment. The envisioned authority seeks to attract industrial units from other regions to set up operations in Bundelkhand, fostering growth and job opportunities.

    According to officials, the development plans encompass not only industrial and commercial areas but also residential clusters, ensuring holistic progress in the region. Furthermore, the proposal for an airport near the Madhya Pradesh border holds the potential to enhance transportation connectivity, making the region more accessible to businesses and investors. Initially serving domestic airlines, the airport could eventually be expanded based on demand.

    Upsida officials pointed out that the Madhya Pradesh side of Bundelkhand had seen more significant development compared to Uttar Pradesh. Establishing an airport close to the MP border would positively impact UP’s industrialization efforts in Bundelkhand. Additionally, the region will witness the establishment of three data centre parks, contributing to the growth of the digital economy and providing crucial infrastructure for technology-based industries.

    Officials emphasized several reasons that make Bundelkhand an attractive destination for long-term projects. With low population density and abundant land availability, it becomes a viable alternative for industries that could potentially be set up in the National Capital Region or Kanpur. Furthermore, acquiring environmental clearances is expected to be relatively smoother in this region, encouraging industries to consider Bundelkhand for their ventures.

    Among the districts in Bundelkhand, Jhansi stands out as the most suitable location for BIDA, thanks to its strategic positioning and robust infrastructure. Jhansi’s excellent surface connectivity makes travel to southern and western India convenient, as it serves as a gateway to Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

    The formation of BIDA is a top priority for the government, and work is already underway on a war-footing. The recruitment of employees and the appointment of officials from Upsida are set to commence shortly, ensuring the smooth functioning of the authority.

    The plans for Noida-like development in Bundelkhand herald a new era of progress and prosperity for the region. As the government focuses on strengthening industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, Bundelkhand is poised to transform into a thriving economic hub, attracting investments and creating employment opportunities for its people.

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