Casagrand Initiates Ambitious Expansion with INR 8,000 Crore Investment Plan for Mumbai and Pune Housing Projects


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    Chennai-based Casagrand, a stalwart in the real estate domain, is poised to embark on a transformative journey, stretching its reach beyond the southern borders of India. The company has unveiled plans to invest a staggering INR 8,000 crore in crafting a sprawling 20 million square feet landscape of luxury and affordable housing across the bustling urban landscapes of Mumbai and Pune. This monumental move comes as Casagrand’s first foray outside the confines of South India.

    Having carved its niche with noteworthy projects in Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, and Hyderabad, totaling a commendable 38 million square feet of real estate, Casagrand’s expansion strategy underscores a pivotal shift in the company’s growth trajectory.

    The strategic pivot is reinforced by a notable announcement – that of enlisting former Indian cricket team captain, Sourav Ganguly, as the company’s national brand ambassador. This strategic partnership not only adds a touch of stardom but is anticipated to propel Casagrand into the limelight of newer markets. This move is in alignment with the company’s ambitious vision – aspiring to be ranked among the top five builders nationwide within the next five years.

    Arun Mn, the visionary Founder and Managing Director of Casagrand, elucidated, “From our modest inception in 2004, we’ve risen to become one of the top three builders in South India.” Mn accentuated the company’s unswerving commitment to expansion and its earnest focus on Maharashtra: “In this phase, we’re steadfastly extending our footprint into uncharted territories, particularly Maharashtra.”

    Casagrand’s commendable track record substantiates its prowess, boasting the timely delivery of a remarkable tally of 123 projects. Impressively, the preceding fiscal year bore witness to sales amassing INR 4,200 crore. The company’s sights are now set even higher, with a targeted sales value of INR 7,200 crore for the ongoing financial year.

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