DDA to Consult Experts for Signature View Apartment Demolition


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    The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is set to hire a consultant to recommend the most appropriate method for the demolition of Signature View Apartments in Mukherjee Nagar, North Delhi. According to sources familiar with the matter, DDA aims to complete the demolition of these 12-storey structures by June-July 2024.

    In addition to engaging a consultant, responsible for the planning and development of the national capital, DDA is currently in discussions with industry experts on the demolition process. The selected consultant will conduct site inspections and thorough surveys to assess the challenges and then propose a suitable demolition technique. Options under consideration include a controlled implosion, similar to the method used for the Supertech twin towers in Noida’s satellite city, or a manual approach.

    “To determine the most appropriate method for demolishing the Signature View Apartments, we will appoint a consultant by the end of October. The consultant will provide recommendations after evaluating potential challenges and propose the best approach for the building’s demolition,” said a source within the DDA. The source emphasized the complex’s location in a densely populated area with numerous commercial establishments nearby, highlighting the need for a secure demolition method that takes these factors into account.

    Built between 2007 and 2010 by DDA, the Signature View Apartment Complex comprises 12 towers ranging from 6 to 12 floors. A study conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, at the request of DDA in 2021-22 deemed the building “structurally unsafe” and recommended its “vacation and dismantling.”

    Following complaints from residents, the lieutenant governor of Delhi issued a directive on January 24 of this year, urging DDA to redevelop the housing complex and “rehabilitate the residents temporarily.” A senior DDA official explained that the demolition process can only commence once the complex is entirely vacated and transferred to the authority. “The preparations for demolition will begin as soon as the complex is vacated. We have requested residents to vacate the premises promptly.”

    As of now, approximately 1,300-1,400 individuals still reside in the Signature View Apartment housing complex, which encompasses 336 flats.

    Sources revealed that, in addition to internal discussions, DDA has approached the agency responsible for demolishing the twin towers in Noida’s sector 93A last year to explore possible demolition methods.

    Experts emphasize the need for comprehensive inspections to identify challenges and make an informed decision regarding the best demolition approach. Factors such as time, safety, and cost will play a crucial role in the final decision. The three primary methods considered for demolition are controlled implosion, manual demolition, and the use of heavy-duty machinery.

    Notably, Supertech’s twin towers Apex (32 storeys) and Ceyane (29 storeys) were successfully demolished via controlled implosion in August 2022 in Noida, making them the third tallest structures in the world to undergo such a demolition. In January 2020, two illegally constructed 55-meter-tall towers, Holy Faith H2O and the twin towers of Alfa Serene, located along the backwaters in Kochi’s Maradu, were also demolished through controlled implosion. These demolitions were carried out by Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering.

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