DTCP’s Directive Brings Hope to Gurugram Homebuyers in Stuck Projects


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    In Gurugram, Haryana, there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for hundreds of homebuyers who have faced extensive delays and uncertainty in nine affordable residential projects. The Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) director general, TL Satyaprakash, has taken decisive steps to address the longstanding issues, with potential resolutions expected within the next three to four months.

    For these affected homebuyers, the challenges have been multifaceted, encompassing suspected financial irregularities and construction work that has come to a standstill. The developers connected with these projects, such as Mahira Homes, Ocean Seven Buildtech (OSB), and Orris Infrastructure, have been at the epicenter of these issues.

    According to DTCP director general TL Satyaprakash, this anticipated resolution timeline is indeed a significant development. However, a closer look into the specifics of these issues reveals the intricacies involved.

    Financial Irregularities and Construction Delays

    Investors who placed their trust in Mahira Homes projects across Sectors 63, 68, 95, 103, and 104 of Gurugram have been at the forefront of this challenging situation. The situation escalated with the Enforcement Directorate’s searches concerning financial transactions within the group in July. Furthermore, allegations of irregularities in the procurement of licenses prompted the Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (H-Rera) to order forensic audits of all five projects last year.

    Similarly, those who have invested in three OSB projects—Golf Heights in Sector 69, The Venetian in Sector 70, and Expressway Towers in Sector 109—have been adamant in their demands for action against the developer for non-compliance with license conditions and for not delivering possession of flats as initially promised.

    The Prolonged Orris Infrastructure Saga

    Adding to the complexity of the situation is the case of Greenopolis in Sector 89, another project experiencing turmoil. In 2011, Orris Infrastructure entered into an agreement with Three C, another developer, to construct 1,826 flats on a 37-acre plot. Regrettably, construction came to a halt midway. After years entangled in legal disputes, Orris stepped in to take responsibility for the project’s completion.

    In April 2022, under the supervision of H-Rera, the developer successfully concluded the first three phases. Nonetheless, even 12 years after the project’s initial launch, hundreds of homebuyers continue to await the possession of their flats. In total, approximately 15,000 buyers find themselves in this state of uncertainty.

    The Path Forward

    While the recent directives from DTCP director Satyaprakash offer a ray of hope to the affected homebuyers, detailed solutions remain undisclosed at this time. Satyaprakash did mention that a techno-financial feasibility report is expected within a month, providing further insights into the proposed resolutions.

    A Glimpse of Hope

    One homebuyer expressed optimism, stating that those who have had their hard-earned money tied up in these projects for years will no longer need to continue protesting if the government’s roadmap works out. “We hope that the government and higher officials take appropriate decisions as soon as possible,” he said.

    In conclusion, the protracted issue of stuck affordable housing projects in Gurugram may soon see resolution. DTCP’s recent directives offer hope to homebuyers who have faced financial irregularities and construction delays for years. The next three to four months are crucial, and the upcoming techno-financial feasibility report will provide more insights into the planned solutions.

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