Ease Of Living Index 2018: Pune, Navi Mumbai Top Charts While Delhi-NCR Fares Badly

Consider yourself lucky if you are living in Pune because you happen to be living in the most liveable city in India. As per a recent survey titled ease of living index, done by the ministry of housing and urban affairs, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Greater Mumbai are the most liveable cities in India while Rampur, Kohima, and Patna are deemed as the worst Indian cities to live.

The third-party survey was carried out based on some 111 cities’about 60, 000 citizens. The first-of-its-kind exercise was undertaken by the ministry to rank the country’s major cities on the basis of fifteen parameters of ease of living, including power supply, assured water supply, identity & culture, education, wastewater management, safety & security and public space.

The top three cities are followed by Tirupati, Chandigarh, Thane, Raipur, Indore, Vijaywada and Bhopal. Delhi ranked poorly at 65th position and so did Bengaluru which sat at 58th place. No city of Uttar Pradesh or Tamil Nadu was able to figure in the top-ten data.

Talking about NCR, Ghaziabad emerged as the most liveable place in NCR grabbing 46th place. While Faridabad and Gurgaon were ranked 72nd and 88th respectively, Noida did not participate in the survey.

As per the Ease Of Living Index report, Delhi did well on the parameters of public transport and green spaces but slipped badly in the terms of health, air and noise pollution, safety & security and waste management. Shockingly, Delhi ranked below 100 when it came to the economy, mixed land use and compactness, power supply and pollution.


On the other hand, quite contrary to the popular notion, Gurgaon fared badly on all the parameters except the availability of public open spaces.

Sagar of Madhya radios emerged as the safest city which was followed by Tirupati which topped the charts in the parameter of solid waste management.


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