Exclusive DDA Flats in Dwarka Set for December Sale: Luxury Living in the Heart of Delhi


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    Approximately 1,130 upscale flats constructed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in Dwarka’s Sector 19B, located in the southwestern part of Delhi, are nearing completion and are projected to be available for sale by December, as indicated by informed officials. The upscale residential complex is set to encompass a total of 14 duplex penthouses, 170 flats catering to the super high-income group (HIG), and an additional 946 HIG flats. Each of these flats, spanning across various categories, will come complete with a parking space capable of accommodating two cars. Notably, the penthouses will feature four bedrooms, while the super HIG flats will consist of three bedrooms along with a study, and the standard HIG flats will comprise three bedrooms.

    The gated community, boasting 11 towers, will be oriented towards a golf course, and will encompass the aforementioned penthouses, super HIG flats, and HIG flats. Additionally, there are plans for an expansion featuring four more towers, accommodating a total of 728 economically weaker section (EWS) flats. While the initial target was to have the development ready by Diwali, construction progress indicates that completion might extend beyond that timeline. Officials suggest that the flats should be prepared for possession by December or January. The financial commitment for this undertaking is estimated at approximately ₹700 crore.

    Though precise pricing details are yet to be confirmed, it is anticipated that the penthouse units will start at ₹3.5 crore or even higher—marking a record price for any residential property under the DDA’s purview. Similarly, the HIG flats are projected to be priced at over ₹2 crore.

    A senior DDA official, who chose to remain anonymous, commented, “We are making all efforts to get the flats ready by Diwali, but looking at the current rate of progress on site, it may be ready only by December or later. However, we may likely launch the scheme in November and ready the flats for allotment over the next couple of months. These are the costliest set of flats under DDA.”

    Comparatively, certain older DDA flats situated in the southern parts of Delhi, such as Vasant Kunj and Masjid Moth, hold a higher market value than the forthcoming units in Dwarka.

    A different official elaborated on the sales strategy, highlighting that the allocation of these luxury Dwarka flats will be determined through a draw of lots, in contrast to the ongoing scheme which employs a “first come first served” (FCFS) basis. The official stated, “We are already receiving numerous inquiries for these flats, and we anticipate a swift sale. Therefore, there is no need to offer them on an FCFS basis. Additionally, the introduction of several novel luxury features has generated significant interest.”

    Among the distinctive features of the penthouses are terrace gardens and premium fixtures. The residential complex will also encompass various commercial spaces and a spacious green area encircled by the towers. Upon launching the scheme, the DDA plans to prepare a sample flat for prospective buyers—a practice initiated during the ongoing scheme that commenced on June 30. Officials have reported substantial progress in key construction aspects including brickwork, shuttering, plastering, flooring, waterproofing, and stonework.

    Remaining tasks include exterior painting, pavement installation, tile work, installation of aluminum doors and windows, fire doors, shutters, and handrails, among other finishing touches.

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