Faster Connections: Faridabad-Delhi-Mumbai Expressway Link Road Gets Elevated


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    In a bid to alleviate traffic congestion and facilitate faster travel between Faridabad and the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, authorities have given the green light for the construction of an elevated road. This development comes as a significant relief to commuters, as the road is expected to reduce travel time by approximately 20 minutes. The tendering process for the project is set to be initiated next week.

    The proposed elevated road will serve as a vital link, connecting Faridabad’s national highway with the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway link road. The region’s Mohana area, which has long been grappling with traffic jams, is set to benefit immensely from this infrastructure upgrade. Additionally, this new road will also establish a crucial connection for Faridabad to the upcoming Noida International Airport, further enhancing regional connectivity.

    Prior to commencing the construction work, the state’s Public Works Department (PWD) officers have already conducted comprehensive surveys. They meticulously assessed the existing infrastructure, including sewer lines, water lines, PNG lines, electricity lines, pillars, and drainage systems, ensuring a smooth execution of the project.

    The focal point of the elevated road’s construction will be the stretch near Faridabad’s Mohana, which has been plagued by traffic congestion due to residential settlements on either side of the road leading up to Chandawali village. The presence of the main market in the area exacerbates the traffic flow issues, impacting thousands of commuters who heavily rely on this route.

    Apart from easing daily commuting for local residents, the new road will also prove beneficial for cargo traffic between Faridabad and Gurugram. Additionally, it will offer a convenient route for those traveling to KGP-KMP, further enhancing regional transportation networks.

    The anticipated 20-minute reduction in travel time is expected to be a game-changer for thousands of daily commuters who frequent this route. With smoother traffic flow and reduced congestion, the elevated road promises to significantly improve overall travel efficiency and enhance the region’s economic prospects.

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