First-time homebuyers’ spree expected to continue in 2021, says Dr Niranjan Hiranandani

About 85 per cent buyers in NCR bought first homes while 65 per cent in MMR upgraded house sizes post Covid-19, recently released Anarock data said. Of total housing sales in NCR & MMR, the post-COVID-19 period saw 90% sales to end-users in both cities, only 10% of investors.

Commenting on Anarock data, Dr Niranjan Hiranandani -National President – NAREDCO commented that, “Value of owning a home have augmented hugely in the Covid period where the trend of ‘renters’ turning into the first-time home buyers has been on the uptick in the top two property markets of India, MMR and NCR.

Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani,

This momentum is keeping up the pace on the grounds of fiscal and personal security along with the stability that housing offers during the unprecedented crisis. Simultaneously, the market developments also highlighted the trend of existing homeowners grabbing the right deal in a conducive market to upgrade into the larger luxury apartments. This demand is in sync with the new normal living where work, study, and fitness from home gains traction”.

“While the pandemic also saw investors prefer real estate over paper-based volatile asset classes, as the actual home-buying during the last year has largely been by end-users. Home loan interest rates being at historic lows, states like Maharashtra announcing a stamp duty rate reduction, while states like Delhi reduced the Circle Rates also helped boost sales velocity. The NRI segment has also been a part of the home buying in Indian real estate, as the global Indian factored in the possibility of having to return home amidst geopolitical and trade uncertainties, in the wake of the pandemic,” he added.

“Media reports suggest that 90 per cent of homes bought during Jul 2020 – Mar 2021 were end-users; investors accounting for just 10 per cent. A larger percentage of bigger homes were opted for by homebuyers in MMR as compared to NCR – although the average size of homes differs; 950 sq. ft. is the average size in MMR while in the NCR it is 1250 sq. ft.; so obviously a larger percentage of MMR buyers opted for a bigger home. It fits in with the trend of first-time home buyers’ numbers rising, as also those upgrading to a bigger house during the past one year. The trend is expected to continue through 2021,” he concluded.


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