GDA’s Directive to Builder: Resolve Neglect Issues in Bharat City Township


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    In the heart of Ghaziabad, the bustling and ever-growing city, lies the Bharat City township. Home to over 3,500 families, this residential community was envisioned as a haven for its residents. However, a dark cloud of neglect hovers over this promising township, casting a shadow on the lives of its inhabitants. Despite promises and obligations, the builder of Bharat City has failed to fulfill essential construction work, including the construction of a boundary wall, provision of covered car parking, and other basic facilities. This article explores the dire situation faced by the residents and the consequences of this neglect.

    Safety and Hygiene Concerns

    The most pressing concern for the residents of Bharat City is the absence of a boundary wall. For the past four years, the builder has failed to complete this vital construction, leaving the society exposed from three sides. This oversight poses serious safety hazards and risks to the health and hygiene of the residents.

    Kanishk Saxena, a concerned resident of Bharat City, highlights the gravity of the situation: “This society is open from three sides. The builder has taken the complete project cost from all flat owners but still has not constructed the boundary walls.” It’s a troubling fact that despite housing thousands of families, this township lacks one of the most fundamental security features.

    Basic Amenities Remain Elusive

    Safety is not the only concern; the residents have been living in Bharat City for over seven years, yet the builder has not provided basic amenities, such as a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). This lack of essential facilities is a stark contradiction to the promises made during the development phase.

    Another resident echoes the sentiments of many: “Even though residents have been living here for over seven years now, the builder does not provide these basic amenities.” This persistent neglect raises questions about the responsibility and accountability of the builder towards its residents.

    Unfulfilled Commitments

    The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) had issued a letter to the builder, emphasizing the urgency of completing the necessary work, which included the construction of the boundary wall, provision of covered car parking, and other basic facilities, by October 20. Despite this official directive, there has been no significant progress on the ground.

    Residents have made numerous attempts to raise their concerns with various officials, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The lack of security, exposed boundaries, and missing amenities continue to be pressing issues for the community.

    GDA’s Directive

    The GDA, recognizing the gravity of the situation, issued a notice to the developer and Buyer Association. In this notice, both parties were urged to resolve issues related to parking, license renewal, and project completion promptly. However, complaints continue to pour in due to a lack of resolution.

    The notice underscores the seriousness of the matter: “Make sure to inform the undersigned in writing in the office; otherwise, action will be taken against you. The authority will be bound to take action as per the rules, the entire responsibility of which will be yours.” The GDA’s directive highlights the consequences that the builder may face if they fail to address the residents’ concerns.

    Builder’s Silence

    Despite the gravity of the situation and repeated attempts to seek answers, the builder remains unresponsive to the concerns of the residents. Even repeated calls from Times of India (TOI) have gone unanswered.

    So, the residents of Bharat City township find themselves in a distressing situation. Promises made during the development phase remain unfulfilled, and basic amenities are still missing. Safety and security have become pressing concerns, and the community’s welfare hangs in the balance. The neglect of Bharat City is a stark reminder of the responsibilities that developers bear towards their residents, and it raises questions about the efficacy of regulatory authorities in ensuring the well-being of such communities.

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