Ghaziabad Development Authority Investigates Supertech Estate for Alleged Violations


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    The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has launched an investigation into Supertech Estate in Vaishali, following allegations of unauthorized construction and encroachment on greenbelt areas. The developer is accused of carving out 110 additional flats from larger units, a violation discovered during a recent inspection prompted by the local Resident Welfare Association’s request for election permissions.

    Details of Violations

    The builder initially received approval for a project with 247 flats spanning 10,120sqm in 2003. However, the inspection revealed a total of 357 units, indicating the unauthorized addition of 110 flats. Furthermore, the developer encroached on a 117.3sqm green belt, deviating from the original layout.

    Past Oversight and Inaction

    Surprisingly, the GDA disclosed that the developer had confessed to constructing extra flats in 2009 but was neither penalized nor were the additional units regularized. The revelation raises questions about the potential negligence of GDA officials at the time.

    Residents’ Discovery

    The alleged misconduct came to light when residents sought GDA assistance for holding Resident Welfare Association elections. The recounting process brought attention to the unauthorized flats, suggesting that the violation might have remained undiscovered without this initiative.

    Developer’s Response

    In response to the allegations, a representative of the builder expressed unawareness of the additional flats and requested a copy of the GDA’s recommendation for investigation.

    Call for Due Diligence

    Rajesh Kumar Singh, the GDA secretary, advised prospective buyers to scrutinize project details, including map sanctions and green areas, emphasizing the shared responsibility of both developers and authorities in maintaining transparency.

    This investigation follows recent criticism of the GDA by the Allahabad High Court over similar unauthorized construction issues. The case underscores the importance of thorough due diligence by both developers and buyers to ensure compliance with approved plans and prevent fraudulent practices in the real estate sector.

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