Greater Noida Authority Embarks on First Riverfront Project Following Lohia Drain Revival


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    The Greater Noida Authority is initiating the development of the city’s inaugural riverfront, following the restoration of the Lohia Drain. This natural watercourse, spanning 23 kilometers, had gradually dried up over the years. In a bid to revitalize this ecosystem, the authority is restoring the water body and envisioning an expansive 250-acre riverfront.

    Officials familiar with the project unveiled that the riverfront endeavor will comprise lush green spaces, recreational parks, and tranquil water features. This ambitious undertaking is set to become the largest recreational hub in both Noida and Greater Noida.

    Ravikumar NG, the CEO of the Greater Noida Authority, stated, “This project serves a dual purpose: enhancing the area’s aesthetic appeal while providing a solution for rainwater management, a persistent issue leading to urban waterlogging.”

    To facilitate recreation, active mobility, and community interactions, the plan entails establishing engaging and functional landscapes along the drain’s course. The proposed enhancements include picturesque green zones, meandering pathways, dedicated cycling lanes, and pedestrian walkways. Furthermore, existing cycle tracks, tree plantations, and parks are slated for improvement to elevate their design and maintenance standards.

    The Lohia Drain, originating near Surjapur Wetland and traversing residential and industrial sectors before culminating at Momnathal, has encountered environmental challenges that disrupted its ecological balance. Pollution from industrial, residential, and agricultural sources, coupled with encroachments and improper waste disposal, has deteriorated water quality and habitat. Additionally, the drain’s susceptibility to flooding during heavy rainfall poses risks to road infrastructure and public safety.

    An on-site inspection by the HT team revealed the drain’s covered state, marred by hyacinth and unchecked growth. Erosion has caused breaches in several areas, while debris obstructs its path at multiple junctures. The drain has also become a repository for various forms of waste.

    An environmental lawyer and Ganga Action Committee expert member in GB Nagar, speaking anonymously, highlighted, “The Lohia Drain used to be a vital water body that replenished the groundwater table in the district and safeguarded newly developed urban regions from flooding. However, rampant encroachment and negligence by the authorities have led to its demise, underscoring the urgency for its restoration.”

    The project’s primary objective revolves around establishing a well-connected corridor that enhances mobility and integrates neighborhoods. It encompasses waterfront development, comprehensive civil and landscaping work, drain cleanup, establishment of water treatment facilities, and other necessary infrastructure. Furthermore, the project will involve upgrading existing infrastructure, including roads, bridges, utilities, and transportation networks, to enhance connectivity and accessibility within Greater Noida.

    To mitigate flood risks and safeguard the surrounding areas, the initiative also entails effective flood management strategies such as stormwater management systems, reservoirs, and embankments.

    In pursuit of this vision, the Greater Noida Authority has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to select a consultant responsible for formulating a comprehensive architectural and landscape blueprint for the revitalization of the Lohia Drain’s waterfront. The deadline for application submissions is September 6, and the technical bid evaluation is scheduled for September 8.

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