Gurugram Authorities Demand Building Plans for 23 High-Rises within a Week for Safety Audits


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    In a decisive move to prioritize the safety of multi-story building residents, the Gurugram district administration has issued a directive to builders overseeing 23 high-rise projects slated for structural safety audits. Officials familiar with the matter revealed that builders have been instructed to submit their building plans to the relevant auditing agencies within one week to expedite the audit process.

    Furthermore, the administration has clarified that in case any defects necessitate repairs, the cost will be equally shared between the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) and the builder.

    These directives were communicated during a meeting regarding structural safety audits for high-rises in the city, led by Gurugram’s Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Hitesh Kumar Meena. ADC Meena emphasized that ensuring the safety of residents in Gurugram’s high-rise buildings is the top priority of the district administration. He unequivocally stated that any lapses or delays in this regard would not be tolerated.

    Visual inspections of 55 housing societies in Gurugram have already been completed, involving a thorough examination of buildings for signs of structural damage, including columns, walls, slabs, and other visible defects. Out of these inspections, 23 housing societies were identified as having various issues, such as cracks in the plaster, peeling plaster, and seepage problems, among others. These identified high-rises are now scheduled for comprehensive structural safety audits.

    ADC Meena stressed that builders who have not yet provided their building plans must do so within one week to expedite the audit process. Failure to comply with these directives will result in appropriate action being taken.

    Additionally, ADC Meena clarified that flat allottees who have purchased but not yet taken possession of their flats would be responsible for the expenses related to repair work in their units, if required. For unsold flats, the builder would bear the expenses.

    The safety audits will be conducted by four agencies previously empaneled by the administration for the first phase of audits conducted last year. These agencies include Bureau Veritas, TPC Technical Projects Consultants, Vintech Consultants, and NNC Design International. The audits will encompass a comprehensive assessment of various aspects, including the overall building condition, plastering, leakage, seepage, dampness in water tanks, and cracks in beams, basements, and slabs, among others.

    This initiative by the district administration follows the tragic tower collapse at the Chintels Paradiso housing complex in February 2022, where a higher-level floor had collapsed onto lower floors, resulting in the unfortunate loss of two lives. The district administration’s proactive approach seeks to prevent similar incidents in the future and ensure the safety of residents in high-rise buildings across Gurugram.

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