Gurugram Global City Seeks Developers for Thriving Mixed-Use Plots


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    Gurugram Global City is on the cusp of transformation, and the authorities are actively seeking visionary developers to shape its future. This ambitious project is set to redefine urban living with an impressive blend of residential, commercial, and institutional spaces, all within a sprawling 1,000-acre landscape. With investments estimated at a staggering $15 billion, Gurugram Global City is indeed poised to become a beacon of modernity and innovation in the heart of Gurugram.

    The Bidding Invitation

    The Haryana State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (HSIIDC), the driving force behind this colossal endeavor, has announced the invitation for bids on four mixed-use plots. These plots, totaling a substantial 172.76 acres, are located in Gurugram sectors 36B, 37A, and 37B, adjacent to the Dwarka Expressway. The HSIIDC officials, as reported by Money Control, have revealed that these plots will be auctioned for both commercial and residential development.

    A Closer Look at the Plot Sizes

    The upcoming auction will feature four plots with varying sizes, each holding unique potential. These include an 86.05-acre plot, a 23.76-acre plot, a 58.11-acre plot, and a 4.84-acre plot reserved for institutions, primarily schools.

    Land Use Diversification

    To diversify the landscape and cater to the diverse needs of the community, the allocation of land use varies across these plots. The 86.05-acre and 23.76-acre plots are earmarked for a 65 percent commercial and 35 percent residential use. In contrast, the 58.11-acre plot strikes a balance with a 50-50 split between commercial and residential development. Lastly, the 4.84-acre plot is exclusively dedicated to institutions, specifically schools.

    Pricing Insights

    Investors will find different price points for these plots, aligning with their varied purposes. The 86.05-acre plot is priced at Rs 1,47,500 per square meter, while the 23.76-acre plot comes in at Rs 1,28,000 per square meter. The 58.11-acre parcel is set at Rs 1,21,000 per square meter, making it an attractive proposition. In a bid to promote educational infrastructure, the institutional category plot of 4.84 acres is priced more affordably at Rs 56,500 per square meter.

    Innovations and Infrastructure

    Gurugram Global City is not just another real estate venture; it’s a visionary paradigm shift. One of the most striking innovations is the introduction of a unique “utility tunnel” beneath the roads. This subterranean marvel is designed to house all essential utilities, from water and telecom lines to electricity networks. The benefits are substantial, as it eliminates the need for disruptive road excavations for maintenance or upgrades in the future.

    The city’s layout incorporates dedicated pathways for pedestrians and cyclists, fostering an environment of wellness and sustainability. The icing on the cake is the comprehensive public transportation system that Gurugram Global City is set to embrace. The Regional Rapid Transit System (RRTS) and the Gurugram-Bawal metro corridor are among the key modes of transport slated to serve this city. Additionally, interstate and intercity bus terminals are planned to be developed in proximity, enhancing regional connectivity.

    Wide Arterial and Sub-Arterial Roads

    The infrastructural excellence doesn’t stop here. Gurugram Global City is planned with 60-meter-wide arterial roads and 45-meter-wide sub-arterial roads, ensuring seamless movement and connectivity throughout the city. These expansive roadways are poised to enhance accessibility, making daily commutes smoother and more efficient.

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