Government of Haryana Announces Stilt-and-4-Floors Policy; Realty Sector Reacts Positively


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    In a significant move for the real estate sector, Shri JP Dalal, Town and Country Planning Minister,

    Government of Haryana, has announced the government’s approval for builders to construct buildings

    with stilt and four floors in designated residential sectors. This policy is set to create new opportunities

    and address housing needs in the state.

    Under the new policy, the state allows the construction of four floors with stilts in sectors where the

    layout plan accommodates four dwelling units per plot. Additionally, plots adjacent to 10-meter roads,

    where the layout plan allows for three dwelling units per plot, can also benefit from this policy, provided

    a mutual consent agreement is in place with all adjoining plot allottees. The policy also extends to

    licensed DDJAY colonies, which provide affordable housing schemes for low-income groups in urban


    Pradeep Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman of Signature Global (India) Ltd, expressed his views, stating,

    “We welcome the Haryana government’s decision to reinstate the construction of stilt-plus-four floors in

    residential sectors as this will provide massive opportunities for the aspirational homebuyer segment.

    India’s real estate sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience and growth in the wake of the Covid

    pandemic, and this decision will have the dual benefit of enhancing independent floors with higher

    property valuations while also opening the premium housing segment to higher quality development.

    The decision, based on expert committee recommendations, shows prudent forethought by the


    Aggarwal further highlighted that developers would now have the permit for constructions to

    accommodate either four dwelling units per plot or three dwelling units per plot, as per the design

    layout plans, ensuring adequate aeration and sunlight. He emphasized that this policy aligns with the

    Haryana Building Code, making it beneficial for both developers and the State Government, as funds

    from infrastructure augmentation will bolster urban infrastructure. He confidently added, “We are

    confident that the policy to reinstate the construction of stilt-plus-four floors in the residential sector

    will help address the state’s housing needs, increase housing options, and enhance urban living

    standards, while incorporating a sustainable approach towards responsible infrastructure


    Kusgahr Ansal, Director of Ansal Housing, echoed similar sentiments, stating, “The Haryana

    government’s decision to grant the construction of stilt-plus-4 floors will not only fulfill people’s dreams

    but also act as a catalyst for the affordable housing segment. After a 16-month ban on all such

    constructions, this approval is a positive step towards meeting housing demands and promoting

    economic development. Notably, this time, the permission comes with certain provisions, including the

    requirement that the existing infrastructure can support the additional load.”

    Rajjath Goel, Managing Director of MRG Group, also praised the decision, noting, “The decision by the

    Haryana government to permit the construction of stilt-plus-4 floors while fulfilling people’s dreams will

    also boost the housing sector, especially in cities like Gurugram, where the demand is huge. Earlier, the

    state had permitted such constructions. However, about a year and a half ago, it had implemented a ban

    on all such construction. What is also notable is that unlike the permission granted earlier, this time, the

    construction of the fourth floor is subject to the fulfillment of certain provisions that include, among

    others, the capability of the existing infrastructure to bear the additional load.”

    The stilt-and-4-floors policy is expected to play a crucial role in addressing the housing needs of

    Haryana, promoting economic development, and enhancing urban living standards. The real estate

    Sector’s positive response to this policy underscores its potential to create a significant impact on the

    State’s housing landscape.

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