Here Are Top Home Building Trends Of 2019


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    If you are planning to build or acquire your own abode in 2019, then you are in the right spot. Here are some of the hottest home building trends of 2019 that are likely to dominate the residential real estate sector this year.

    • Sustainability:

    Carrying on from 2018, sustainability is still the buzz word. Now that the young Millenials are far more aware of the effects on the environment and sustainable living, developers and construction companies are also expected to reduce waste and use recycled and safe material. Heavy usage of traditional materials such as clay, stone, bricks, bamboo is expected in exterior as well as in interior décor.

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    “Furniture, furnishing and decorative made using sustainable materials such as jute, rice paper, etc., are becoming popular among environment-conscious consumers,” Studio Creo Founder & Creative Director Parushni Aggarwal told Prop Tiger.

    • Bold Designs:

    While minimalism ruled 2018, the bigger and bolder designs will be the toast of 2019. Uniquely shaped wall shelving, bigger wall to floor windows to let sunlight in, open floor plan and wider hallways are expected to dominate the trends this year.

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    Like, the coming years will see a rise in senior living homes in India, which essentially require wider halls to allow the free movement of a wheelchair and other similar equipments.

    • Roof Decks:

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    Nothing new in here, but roof deck  is increasingly the next favourite thing in tier-2 and 3 cities. These decks can be constructed in addition to one in the yard so that homeowners can have two spaces to sit and relax at the end of the day. This place can have furniture, flowers, lighting, and more.

    • Digital Solution:

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    Digital tools have managed to acquire a significant place in the housebuilding sector and the trend is only going to rise further in 2019. The advent of digital solutions could accelerate the development and completion of a project while creating at the same time a more flexible and consistent building process though the full implementation is a long way to go.

    • Use of Drones:

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    India’s new drone regulations are set to change the landscape of the real estate sector for good. The 3-D mapping of properties will not just become a powerful tool for marketing but will further boost transparency and accountability. The use of drones will pave a way to creating a seamless communication in each level of construction.

    • Small Homes:

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    With the lack of space as well as impetus by Govrnemnt of India on affordable housing, smaller homes with maximum and smart use of space will be on the rise. Be it inbuilt storage or concealed beds, many interesting features are expected to make it way into Indian real estate.

    • Green Buildings:

    To combat the rise in air pollution, more and more developers are now resorting to come up with green buildings. Not only the material used in such buildings will have a way lesser carbon footprint, but such buildings are designed in a way to incorporate nature as much as possible.


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