Complete Home-Buyers’ Inspection Checklist For Property Visit


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    Planning to buy a house? Then be ready to make countless site visits to not just only to explore the options, but also to make sure that the property which you have shortlisted will be a wise buy or not.

    While you are on these house-hunt visits, you may tend to get lost in the words of a broker or the developer’s sales personnel. However, a thorough check of the house is absolutely necessary, maybe multiple times, before you sign on the dotted line.

    You may have heard of many cases where the buyer is regretting after taking the possession due to bad construction quality or location woes. To save yourself from the unnecessary hassle later, here is the complete home-buyers’ inspection checklist:

    1. Construction Quality:

    As you enter the building, check the ceilings, flooring, and other hardware for any sign of leaks or dampness. Do not ignore large cracks or fissure in any case and don’t forget to check dampness inside kitchen cabinets, if any.

    1. Fittings:

    Check each and every door and windows before taking any final decision. Check that windows and frames are shaped right with no cracks, gaps or jamming. Make sure every latch open and close properly.

    Look for cracks in tiles and double-check each and every tap and area below the sink.

    1. Plumbing and Wiring:

    Make sure that there are enough number of electrical outlets in each room including kitchen and bathrooms. Double check toilets and kitchen area for leaky taps, dampness and mold.

    Also, check whether the house receives clear phone signals or not as living in a signal-less area can be a real pain.

    1. Sun And Rain:

    Check every nook and corner of the house to ascertain how much sun light the inside of the house receives. If possible make multiple visits at the different time of the day. Visiting the house during rains is a must as it will give you the clear picture of leakage, dampness and even water logging in the area.

    1. Vastu Check:

    Make sure to carry a compass each time you make a site visit to figre out the directions and the placement of the house. It is better to leave the house with a kitchen or toilet in North-East direction or if the main entrance of the house is in the south/south-west direction. If possible, choose the house with better Vastu compliances.

    1. Click Pictures:

    Do not forget to click as many pics as you can. This will let you come back and compare different properties to make the best decision.


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