How Mohali Is All Set To Become Smart Real Estate Market Of Punjab?


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    Author: Mr. Akshay Taneja, MD, TDI Infratech

    A region’s worth is rightly defined by the infrastructural developments happening around it. Mohali, being an emerging urban town, is brimming with opportunities in diverse sectors, and with a good number of corporate companies entering the region, it is already popular as the IT capital of Punjab.

    Taking cognizance of the growth potential the city has to offer, experienced realtors are coming forward with innovative and state-of-art developments offers pushing investors and end-users towards making a smart investment in Mohali real estate market. It is rightly said that a right realty investment bores fruits for generations to come. Realtors and buyers currently with the ongoing pandemic are benefiting from this prevalent sentiment.

    The futuristic projects that are being planned by such experienced developers are not just mere tall towers with basic civic amenities, instead, the realtors are going the extra mile. The virus has gravely impacted our lifestyles, and home plays a major role in determining the quality of lifestyle an individual has. Therefore, the new age homes and workspaces are being designed thoughtfully. As per the needs of changing urban culture, realtors are striving to curate the right ecosystem that promotes sustainability at the core, and at the same time addresses all needs of residents and working professionals.

    Mr. Akshay Taneja, MD, TDI Infratech

    Smart City Concept

    A popular living concept gaining prominence in the Punjab region as per the socio-economic needs and interest of buyers and investors has been the idea of Smart City. The concept is all about boosting connectivity at various levels among citizens, and between the administration and the population, by and large. One of the key characteristics that are being kept in consideration while building a smart city is an increasing population density.

    More than $21 billion USD is being spent on fuel wastage due to traffic jams and improper roads in India.  To deliver homes and workspaces which promise sustainability and promote the welfare of the environment and surroundings, realtors are working relentlessly.

    Some of the highlights of such smart city projects are:

    • Seamless connectivity with prime hotspots in city

    • Traffic management within the premises

    • Adoption of energy efficient methods

    • Reduced infrastructure expenses

    • Remodelled public transportation

    • Elevated standard of living

    • Affordable and sustainable housing

    • Maintained and controlled ambience

    • Systems utilizing renewable energy

    • Water recycling and purification

    • Sewage and solid waste management

    • Smart grid and smart building systems

    The smart city being a heterogeneous kind of establishment offers multiple avenues for investment. The planning and development of the smart city concept revolves around a holistic approach, thereby promising healthy returns in the medium to long term, especially for early investors. It also offers opportunities for associated and ancillary industries, looking to expand in Punjab region, thereby curating just the right framework for future economic growth in the state.

    Intelligent workspaces

    Smart cities will not only redefine residential living but would also craft a niche in the design and functioning of the workspace. Technology superior offices providing smart work stations, with energy-efficient solutions located near the residential hubs will become the most preferred options in hybrid working culture in a post-COVID world. The people in various jobs (private, public and especially IT sector) are likely to choose these spaces over traditional commercial buildings with simple cubicles and monotonous arrangements.

    Considering, the Mohali region recently developed 200ft Mega Airport Road, and the cluster of Sectors 74A, 116, 117 118, 119 and 92 will be the ideal destinations to such novel projects. Traffic flow will be regulated and the residents and professionals will be well-connected to prime hotspots in the city that increase the chances of growth and better opportunities in the future.


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