Upcoming infrastructure initiatives, impacting real estate in NOIDA

NOIDA has always been known for its infrastructure. In Noida infrastructure is developed first and then rest of the activity takes place. Realty Buzz has compiled a list of key infrastructure initiatives having potential to change the real estate market dynamics in short to medium term.

Upcoming metro corridors in Noida

Three new corridors have been planned to extend existing Aqua line of Noida Metro Rail Corporations. Following three corridors are in different stages of planning

Proposed Extension of Aqua line (Noida Metro Rail Corporation, NMRC) in Noida & Greater Noida
Name of the CorridorNo of StationsTotal Length (Kms)
Corridor 1:
Sector – 51, Noida to Knowledge Park – V, Gr. Noida
Corridor 2:
Sector – 142, Noida to Botanical Garden, Noida
Corridor 3:
Greater Noida Metro Depot Station to Boraki Railway Station.

Three corridors are planned to be added to NMRC Aqua line as above. Corridor 1 connecting Noida sector 51 to Greater Noida West will have 9 stations in 15kms. This will connect two high density pockets of Noida and Greater Noida.

Present status of expansion of Aqua line to Greater Noida West

Out of the three corridors, Corridor 1: part of Sector 51 (Noida) to Knowledge Park (KP) -5 metro corridor has been fast tracked for construction. Tender for construction of 5 elevated stations were invited, however it was canceled by Authorities as only two bids were received. Retendering is currently under process. Five elevated metro stations as listed below, connecting Noida to Gr. Noida West is to be constructed in phase 1. It will span approx. 9.5Kms. in length and is expected to be completed by 2023.

  • Noida Sector 122
  • Noida Sector 123
  • Gr. Noida Sector 4
  • Gr Noida Sector Ecotech -12
  • Gr. Noida Sector 2

While Corridor-2 is located in Noida along Noida Greater Noida expressway. Alignment and locations of stations are yet to be finalized.

Two stations, sector 122 & 123 in Noida and three stations in Gr. Noida West Sector -4, Ecotec 12 and Sector 2 are to be constructed in the first phase

Corridor -3 is located in Greater Noida and is an extension of the last station of Aqua line. It will connect Boraki railway station of Indian Railways which is also part of the DMIC freight corridor to Aqua line. It is still at planning stage. Construction of new corridors of Aqua line is expected to be a game changer for the real estate market of Noida and Greater Noida West.

Greater Noida West has been projected as an affordable housing destination and is currently characterized by presence of many unfinished projects and relatively low occupancy in completed projects. Connectivity with metro is expected to attract demand for residential apartments. Sectors of Noida which are located along this corridor (117 -122) is expected to witness enhanced demand. Going forward low developer’s inventory levels in sector 117 -122 is expected to result in enhanced secondary market transactions. Increase in capital and rental values is also expected with the completion of the metro.

Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad Expressway (FNG Expressway)

FNG was conceived a decade ago to connect the three satellite cities of NCR; Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad. The planned length of the expressways was 56 Km. Approximately 8 km being Ghaziabad, 20 Km in Noida and 28 km in Faridabad.

Upcoming Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad Expressway
  1. Ghaziabad: The 8 km stretch in Ghaziabad is planned to start from NH 58 GT Road and connect Meerut Expressway
  2. Noida: The 20 km starts from Meerut expressway, passing through sector 121, 122, 140, 150,168 and will connect with Faridabad’s developing Nahar Paar (Agra Canal Region) area.
  3. Faridabad: The 28 km stretch starts in Nahar paar area and will connect it to NH- 2

This expressway will have 6 lanes, with service roads on both sides of the carriage way. Once the expressway is completed travel time between Noida and Faridabad will reduce to 15 – 20 mins from the existing 35 to 50 mins. Real estate developers and investors in Ghaziabad, Noida and Faridabad Nahar Paar (Agra Canal) regions are banking heavily on this expressway.

Present Status of FNG Expressway

Approximately seventy percent of work in the Noida section has been completed by Noida Authority and the expressway is partially operational too.

Approximately 70% work of FNG in Noida is completed. However, not much progress has been seen in the Ghaziabad and Faridabad sections

Major pending work of FNG expressway

  • Elevated section in Noida from sector 88 to 143
  • Underpass on Noida Greater Noida Expressway
  • Bridge on Yamuna river connecting Noida Sector 168 to Faridabad
  • Work on Ghaziabad and Faridabad section is yet to be initiated by respective Authorities

Upcoming flyovers and underpasses in Noida

Infrastructure development has been a key thrust area for Noida Authority. To decongest key arterial roads two 5 km long elevated roads and 5 underpasses have been planned and are currently under different stages of development.

1. Mayur Vihar/ Chilla Regulator to Mahamaya Flyover: Elevated road on Noida Greater Noida Expressway is currently under construction. This 5.5 elevated road has been aligned along Shahdara drain. This elevated road is expected to act as a crucial link between east Delhi and Noida / Greater Noida Region – providing signal free vehicular movement thereby significantly reducing traffic in the impact zone i.e. sector 14, 15, 15 A, 16,18 etc. The 6-lane elevated road is scheduled to be completed in 2021-2022.

Upcoming Mayur Vihar to Mahamaya Flyover

It will act as a bypass for traffic coming from east Delhi, areas of south Delhi such as Kalindi Kunj, Jasola, Okhla, Faridabad etc and travelling to Noida – Greater Noida expressway. The area near film city, sector 18 etc. witnesses heavy traffic during peak hours, motorist will now be able to bypass these areas, thereby reducing their commuting time significantly.

2. Elevated road along Dadri Road : This starts from sector 43 and goes up to sector 82 near Noida special economic zone (NSEZ). It is a 5 km long elevated road and is currently under construction. The Dadri road passes through urban villages such as Bhangel, Barola, etc. which are prone to traffic congestion. This elevated road will provide signal free movement from botanical garden metro station (sector 37/ 18) to Noida SEZ. This road runs parallel to Noida Greater Noida Expressway and connects Noida to Greater Noida.

Dadri Flyover connecting Noida to Greater Noida

Motorist presently, try to avoid this road due to traffic bottlenecks at various sections of this road. Completion of this elevated road will also ease pressure on Noida Greater Noida expressway. This elevated road is expected to decongest vehicular movement on Dadri Road in areas such as Barola, Bhangel, Sector 45,46,49, etc.

3. Flyover at Parthla chowk: Parthla Chowk is located on the intersection FNG and Vikas Marg that connects Noida to Greater Noida west. This flyover is currently under tendering stage and will be completed within two years of starting of construction.

4. Upcoming under passes in Noida:

Underpasses along Noida Greater Noida Expressways
  • Underpasses on Noida Greater Noida Expressway: Four underpasses are currently under various stages of development on Noida Greater Noida Expressway. Located at 2.36-km, 10.30-km, 16.4-km and 19-km from zero point. This includes the underpass on FNG near sector 143. These underpasses are currently under tendering stage.   These underpasses are expected ease intracity vehicular movement to a great extent. Ease of connectivity is expected to have positive impact on NMRC metro ridership. Positive impact on real estate development located along the expressway particularly sectors such as 128-132, 168, 150, 151, etc. which are located western side the of the Noida Greater Noida Expressway
  • Underpass at sector 71: Another important underpass which is under construction is at sector 71 located on the main arterial road which connects Noida to Greater Noida West (Noida Extension). This under pass is expected to be completed by 2021.
Upcoming Underpass sector 71

Upcoming social infrastructure in Noida

Noida authority has approved development of key social infrastructure projects such as habitat center in sector 94 and a Golf course in sector 151. These two projects are located at ends of the Noida Greater Noida Expressway. Sector 94 lies near Okhla bird sanctuary metro station, while sector 151 lies at the fag end of Noida near Greater Noida border.

  1. Noida Convention and Habitat center: Has been proposed to be constructed in line with India habitat center in Delhi albeit with higher density. This 97,000 sq. m. mixed use development comprises of convention centers, exhibition halls, Auditoriums, hotel, offices, food court and fine dining restaurants. The project has been approved by Noida authority and total of INR 684 has been earmarked for this project. This project will be developed in two phases mentioned below and is expected to be completed by 2022-23.
    • Phase 1: 31 storied Noida Convention and Habitat center will be developed with an estimated cost of NR 433.55 cr.
    • Phase 2: It will comprise of hotel block and other developments
  2. Golf Course in Sector 151: Noida Authority has also approved construction of golf course in sector 151 at the cost of INR 90 Cr. This will be second golf course in Noida. It will also enhance image position of the micro market thereby paving way for introduction of premium projects.
    • Currently more than 10 residential projects are being developed by leading national and regional developers such as Tata Housing, Godrej Properties, ATS developers, etc.
    • Development of this golf course will give boost sale of residential projects in sector 150, 151.


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