LOHIA WORLDSPACE Unveils Grand Entry into Real Estate Sector with Bhoomi Poojan Ceremony


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    On Apirl 17, Celebrating the auspicious Ram Navami, followed by a Bhoomi Poojan Ceremony, LOHIA WORLDSPACE marked its entry into the Real Estate Business. LOHIA WORLDSPACE is the new real estate venture of Lohia Global Enterprises – one of the leading business houses of India, with a rich history spanning 35 years and a presence in Multiple countries.

    This move by Lohia Global marks strategic diversification beyond their existing presence across many sectors including Exports, Manufacturing, Automobile, Building Materials & Renewable Energy, etc.

    The new real estate venture – LOHIA WORLDSPACE – will be spearheaded by Mr. Pyush Lohia. A graduate in Supply Chain Management and Business Administration from Arizona State University, Pyush combines academic knowledge with practical leadership.

    LOHIA WORLDSPACE aims to develop both residential and commercial projects. Pyush Lohia, Director of LOHIA WORLDSPACE, articulated the company’s strategic move into the real estate domain by stating, “Building upon our robust expertise in related sectors, we are dedicated to extending our hallmark of excellence into real estate. Our significant foray underscores our commitment to bolstering the nation’s progress. Initially concentrating on NCR projects, our ambition extends to broadening our real estate presence across diverse regions.”

    The company aims to set new standards for quality and innovation, creating world-class living spaces. Their commitment to sustainability will ensure projects are built with a focus on environmental responsibility. Lohia Global recognizes the rising demand for modern and high-quality housing in India’s urban areas and tier 2 markets. Their entry into the real estate sector aims to address this growing need by offering innovative and well-designed projects.

    Lohia Global’s real estate venture intends to develop projects at strategically chosen locations such as Moradabad, which is also home to a global business conglomerate, offering a strong market for luxury residential properties. Following this, the company plans to expand its real estate footprint to other regions in India.

    “Moradabad’s strategic location near major economic centers like Delhi-NCR and Uttarakhand makes it an appealing destination for real estate investment. Its rich educational landscape and emerging commercial opportunities, coupled with steady population growth and urbanization, create a robust demand for residential and commercial properties. Additionally, the return of young professionals to their hometowns, seeking affordable alternatives for remote work, further drives the demand for modern homes tailored to their lifestyle needs. With comparatively affordable real estate prices, investors stand to gain attractive returns on their investment in Moradabad’s burgeoning real estate market,”

    “Additionally, as young professionals return to their hometowns like Moradabad for remote work opportunities, there emerges a demand for modern homes that cater to their lifestyle needs. This trend, coupled with comparatively affordable real estate prices in Moradabad compared to larger metropolitan areas, offers investors the potential for attractive returns on investment, : added Mr Lohia

    LOHIA WORLDSPACE has ambitious plans to develop state-of-the-art residential & commercial projects in Moradabad, Lucknow, and Delhi NCR. The company’s vision is to contribute to India’s growth and development by providing high-quality living environments. Looking ahead, Lohia Global plans to capitalize on the opportunities presented by India’s booming real estate market. The 1200 crore Lohia Global Enterprise anticipates a sizable growth in the next 4-5 years with their foray into the real estate business.

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