Mentorship’s Role in Elevating Women in Real Estate Leadership


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    In the competitive landscape of real estate, a significant gender gap persists, with women starkly underrepresented in leadership positions. From India, where a mere 2% of construction executives are female, to the UK and the US, where the figures slightly improve to 14% and 7% respectively, the disparity is evident. This underrepresentation underscores a broader issue of gender inequality within the sector, calling for urgent and effective strategies to empower women.

    A concerning statistic from a JLL report indicates that women constitute only 12% of the workforce in the Indian real estate sector. Despite their growing presence and impact across various industries, systemic barriers continue to impede their progression into leadership roles, perpetuating a cycle of inequality that hampers both personal growth and industry-wide innovation.

    One of the most apparent indicators of this inequality is the enduring pay gap, with women in leadership roles within real estate experiencing a 15% wage disparity when compared to their male counterparts. This gap is not just a reflection of deep-seated biases but also acts as a significant barrier to women aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, reinforcing the cycle of underrepresentation and inequality.

    Mentorship: A Key to Unlocking Potential

    To combat these challenges, mentorship has been recognized as a critical instrument for advancing women in the real estate leadership domain. Studies, including those by organizations like Catalyst, have demonstrated the effectiveness of mentorship in significantly boosting women’s promotion rates across various sectors. Mentorship provides essential support, knowledge sharing, and skill development opportunities, enabling women to tackle the real estate industry’s unique challenges and barriers to advancement.

    Mentorship’s value extends beyond professional development to enhancing self-confidence and assertiveness among women, qualities that are particularly crucial in the real estate sector. Through these programs, women gain the support and skills needed to navigate their careers successfully, affirm their place in the industry, and contribute meaningfully.

    Creating a supportive and inclusive environment through mentorship encourages women to stay engaged and committed to their careers in the long term, thereby promoting organizational success and industry growth. Tailored skill development initiatives within these programs can further prepare women to take on executive roles, positioning them for success and leadership within the real estate sector.

    As the real estate industry confronts its gender disparity, mentorship emerges as a practical approach to fostering inclusivity and empowering women. Such initiatives not only benefit the women involved but also contribute to the industry’s overall sustainability and success.

    The commitment to mentorship as a strategic priority signals an investment in the future of individual women and the real estate industry at large, paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous sector.

    (By Director of Manglam Group and the founding president of CREDAI Rajasthan Women’s Wing)

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