MQDC Showcases Luxury Bangkok Residences in Delhi


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    On December 1-3, 2023, MQDC, a leading Thai property developer, hosted an exclusive showcase at The Imperial Janpath, New Delhi, to introduce its prestigious Bangkok properties to Indian buyers. The company, renowned for iconic Bangkok landmarks like ICONSIAM, has been actively engaged in the Indian market since 2019 through its Whizdom Club in Delhi.

    The centerpiece of MQDC’s presentation was “The Forestias,” an upcoming green neighborhood in Bangkok, representing one of Thailand’s largest-ever developments with an investment of $3.8 billion. This extensive green district covers 64 hectares, integrating residences with lifestyle, healthcare, and transport amenities. The showcased properties include various types of residences, such as “Whizdom” units for new-generation living, “Mulberry Grove” condominiums and villas for multigenerational families, and “The Forestias Signature Series” homes embodying the distinctive concept of the forest district.

    MQDC emphasized its commitment to quality, offering a unique 30-year warranty on all residences. The company’s strategy revolves around “sustainnovation,” employing eco-friendly approaches developed by its Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC). Moreover, MQDC’s focus on sustainability has garnered global recognition, with The Forestias recently receiving multiple awards for architectural innovations and sustainable living designs at the International Design Awards.

    Notably, MQDC aims to cater to upscale Indian buyers seeking a “third home,” a trend among successful professionals diversifying their property portfolios. The company highlighted the appeal of Bangkok’s luxury properties, emphasizing secure ownership, quality, attractive yields, rental returns, and access to the vibrant metropolis’s attractions.

    In addition to The Forestias, MQDC also showcased properties in other prime Bangkok locations near Sky Train stations, such as “Mulberry Grove Sukhumvit” and “Whizdom Craftz Samyan,” each strategically positioned for high yields and convenience.

    The company’s expansion into India aligns with Thailand’s goal of attracting 2 million Indian tourists by 2023 and tapping into the country’s untapped potential for Indian expatriates. MQDC expressed enthusiasm about deeper engagement with India, acknowledging the country’s youthful demographics and dynamic business culture, which offer substantial investment opportunities.

    In conclusion, MQDC’s endeavor to present Bangkok’s luxury properties to Indian buyers reflects the company’s commitment to providing sophisticated, sustainable living options and investment opportunities while aligning with India’s evolving real estate preferences.

    For more information about MQDC and The Forestias, visit


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