Mumbai Is 12th Costliest City In World To Rent 2-Bedroom Flat, Says Recent Survey

Mumbai /Twitter
Mumbai /Twitter

Mumbai is the 12th costliest city in the world to rent a 2-bedroom apartment. The costliest city in the world in this category remains Hong Kong with an average monthly rent of Rs. 2.57 lakhs.

These findings have been found in a recently done survey report by Deutsche Bank survey of global prices and living standards across the globe. It was the seventh survey of its kind, wherein 50 cities are ranked considering the rent and various other factors.

Here is the overview of the costliest cities of the world to rent a 2-bedroom apartment:

1.  Hong Kong  (Average monthly rent: Rs 2.57 lakh)

2.  San Francisco (Average monthly rent: Rs 2.52 lakh)

3.   New York  (Average monthly rent: Rs 1.95 lakh)

4.      Paris (Average monthly rent: Rs 1.70 lakh)

5.      London  (Average monthly rent: Rs 1.65 lakh)

6.      Singapore (Average monthly rent: Rs 1.35 lakh)

7.      Tokyo (Average monthly rent: Rs 1.19 lakh)

8.      Shanghai (Average monthly rent: Rs 92,400)

9.  Berlin  (Average monthly rent: Rs 79,800)

10. Moscow (Average monthly rent: Rs 79,000)

11. Rio de Janerio (Average monthly rent: Rs 68,700)

12. Mumbai (Average monthly rent: Rs 53,000)

13.  Delhi  (Average monthly rent: Rs 42,100)


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