Noida Authority takes action against 50 illegal farmhouses on Yamuna floodplains


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    The Noida Authority has taken a significant step in its fight against illegal encroachments. In a recent anti-encroachment drive, they bulldozed at least 50 illegal farmhouses in Sector 151, marking their first action after the floods earlier this year. These farmhouses covered several acres and were used for various commercial activities, with some even boasting permanent structures like swimming pools and clubhouses.

    Consequences of the Yamuna Floods

    After heavy rains in July, the Yamuna River overflowed, flooding the farmhouses and colonies located along its banks. The National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), in conjunction with local police, district administration, and the Noida Authority, conducted a four-day rescue operation to evacuate individuals and livestock from the inundated areas. This event served as a stark reminder of the risks posed by illegal constructions on the floodplains.

    Swift Response from Noida Authority

    Following the floods, the Noida Authority collaborated with the district administration and the irrigation department to formulate a comprehensive plan to address the issue of illegal farmhouses. An aerial survey was undertaken, highlighting the presence of these illicit structures. Subsequently, the Authority compiled a detailed report and executed the demolition drive.

    Mr. KV Singh, a senior manager overseeing the operation, emphasized that this is just the beginning. The Noida Authority has outlined plans for a larger campaign, promising to dismantle more illegal farmhouses in the coming days. They have also issued stern warnings to the owners, underscoring the legal consequences awaiting those involved in further constructions.

    Extravagant Utilization

    These illegal farmhouses weren’t idle structures; they served a range of purposes. Some functioned as dog breeding centers, cow shelters, and stables, while others hosted opulent parties in their permanent fixtures, including swimming pools and clubhouses. The allure of such venues was undeniable, but their presence posed a substantial threat to the floodplains and the environment.

    What Lies Ahead

    The recent actions by the Noida Authority underscore their commitment to preserving the Yamuna floodplains. Their determination is clear in their effort to prevent any permanent constructions on these ecologically sensitive lands and to protect the environment. This campaign is expected to continue, with more farmhouses poised for dismantling.

    The recent developments raise questions about the enforcement of such regulations in the past. Why did it take a disaster to prompt these actions, and what will be the long-term impact on the region?

    Read in Details: Noida CEO Orders Survey of Illegal Farmhouses on Riverbeds After Flooding


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