Noida’s Sports City Project Faces Uphill Battle Against Encroachments and Licensing Delays


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    The once-promising Sports City project in Noida’s Sector 79 now grapples with a grim reality. The ambitious endeavor, originally designed to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge sports infrastructure with residential developments, has hit a roadblock due to its failure to meet essential licensing requirements. Consequently, valuable land designated for this project has fallen victim to encroachments by small sports academies and local vendors.

    Encroachments Persist Despite Efforts

    Despite previous efforts by the Noida Authority to curb encroachments, the issue lingers. Residents of the area have grown increasingly frustrated as the Authority struggles to register flats, complete the Sports City project, and prevent encroachments on its land. Small-scale vendors, primarily operating nurseries, have set up shops and stalls on vacant plots, exacerbating the problem. Additionally, reports of unauthorized excavation and the illegal sale of soil from some of these plots have surfaced.

    Ashok Vardhan, a resident of an unfinished Sports City project in Sector 79, expressed his disappointment, stating, “The Authority has failed to ensure the registration of flats and the completion of the Sports City projects. They have also been unable to prevent encroachments on its land. Several vendors have established small shops, primarily nurseries. We have brought this to the attention of the authority officials, but they have yet to take action.”

    Recurring Encroachments Raise Concerns

    Despite the Noida Authority’s previous attempts to address the issue, encroachments have resurfaced. In March, the Authority took action to remove several shanties that had appeared at the project site. Unfortunately, these encroachments have returned within a few short months. Sanwarjeet Singh, another concerned resident, disclosed that an indoor academy had recently sprung up on a vacant plot. He explained, “They have covered a plot with tin sheets and established a cricket academy. This is not the only encroachment on the project land. Over the last five years, squatters have occupied various vacant plots and a 35-meter-wide greenbelt nearby.”

    Commitment to Resolution

    In response to mounting concerns, ACEO Satish Pal of Noida has assured residents that the matter will be thoroughly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken. However, approximately 15,000 flat owners across nearly 15 projects in the sector remain in limbo, awaiting the registration of their units while the promised Sports City project remains unfinished.

    Legal Complexities Unfold

    Adding to the complexity of this situation, the Allahabad High Court has taken notice of the Noida Authority’s actions. In April of this year, the court sought a response from the Noida Authority regarding its decision to initiate action against the developers for failing to complete Sports City on time. This legal scrutiny highlights the intricate web of legal and administrative challenges that have plagued the project.

    In conclusion, the Sports City project in Sector 79 of Noida serves as a stark reminder of the obstacles faced in realizing ambitious urban development initiatives. Encroachments on the project site, coupled with legal battles surrounding its completion, paint a picture of unfulfilled promises and the need for effective governance. As residents await resolution and the dream of a Sports City remains unrealized, the future of this project remains uncertain.

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