The Rise of Offbeat Destinations: A New Paradigm in Residential Real Estate


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    In recent years, the Indian real estate sector has witnessed a significant shift, as homebuyers increasingly turn their attention from bustling metropolitan areas to serene, offbeat destinations. Cities such as Sonipat, Bhiwadi, Panchkula, and Meerut have emerged as prime spots for residential investment, offering a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and burgeoning development. As tier-1 cities struggle with overcrowding and soaring property prices, these tier-2 locales provide a peaceful, yet connected lifestyle. This shift is motivated by the promise of a better quality of life, where tranquillity meets modern amenities at a more relaxed pace. As more families relocate to these areas, attracted by the promise of a better lifestyle and significant investment opportunities, the impact on local economies and communities is profound. This evolution marks a paradigm shift in residential real estate, emphasizing sustainable living and holistic community development. In Panchkula, for example, the real estate market has seen tremendous growth. DLF’s luxury residential project, The Valley, launched in 2010, has seen its property value skyrocket from Rs. 2,000 per square foot to Rs. 12,000 -13000 per square foot, highlighting the immense potential of this tranquil town. DLF has played a pivotal role in this transformation, with projects like The Valley, The Valley Gardens, and The Valley Orchard, driving the demand for residential properties in offbeat locations.  The Valley Gardens spreads over 34 acres (13.76 hectares), a limited collection of only 424 luxury independent floors. DLF has recently unveiled its sample apartment, inviting homebuyers to experience luxury first-hand.

    Similarly Sonipat has also seen a lot of traction from big developers including DLF, M3M, and Mapsko, who have launched projects in this upcoming locale.

    Commenting on the same, Mr. Rahul Singla, Director, Mapsko Group said, ” Tier-2 cities like Sonipat have witnessed the emergence of the organized real estate market, which has presented unprecedented growth and development opportunities for the developing city. Amidst this evolving landscape and the increasing adoption of remote work options, Sonipat offers an enticing blend of affordability and quality of life. Homebuyers are drawn to spacious homes set against the backdrop of verdant greenery, providing a respite from densely packed urban centres. Sonipat’s allure extends beyond its economic prospects, as buyers increasingly prioritize wellness and sustainability in their investment decisions. Large-scale projects with ample open spaces and amenities cater to this demand, offering a harmonious blend of urban convenience and natural tranquillity”.

    The growth in these cities is bolstered by considerable infrastructural improvements including better roads, enhanced public transport, and growing commercial hubs. This development extends beyond the physical; it is also cultural and economic, opening new opportunities and revitalizing local economies.

    Mohit Malhotra, Founder & CEO of Neoliv, shared his insights, saying, ” NeoLiv embraces a forward-looking ethos, where innovation and opportunity intersect. We envisage that the new age cities will become the crucibles of future economic dynamism. Their appeal lies in a harmonious mix of affordability, accessibility, and lifestyle amenities, offering new relaxed havens of living. Additionally, the extended NCR is experiencing significant infrastructure enhancements, supported by government initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable development. As living preferences evolve and government initiatives take root, these cities are uniquely positioned to reshape the real estate narrative, attracting investors, homeowners, and businesses alike. With the advent of global level industries such as the upcoming Maruti Suzuki plant in vicinity of Sonipat belt, these locations are poised to drive demand for mid-income housing and plotted developments, transforming into vibrant residential neighborhoods”.

    Reflecting a broader trend, the appeal of offbeat destinations continues to rise, driven by a collective desire for a balanced, fulfilling lifestyle. Bhiwadi, once a lesser-known industrial town in the National Capital Region (NCR), is rapidly emerging as the latest hotspot for real estate development, drawing comparisons to the highly sought-after micro market of Sohna Road. With its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and burgeoning commercial and residential projects, Bhiwadi is poised for exponential growth, mirroring the trajectory of Sohna Road in Gurugram.

    Anil Gupta, President of CREDAI NCR Bhiwadi Neemrana, commented, “With its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and burgeoning commercial and residential developments, Bhiwadi holds immense potential for growth and investment. Similar to the Sohna Road, Bhiwadi is poised to become a booming micro market, offering affordable yet high-quality living spaces. After this region gets linked with the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, its potential for growth and prosperity will be further enhanced. As stakeholders in Bhiwadi’s development, we are optimistic about the town’s potential to emerge as a key destination in the NCR, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth and prosperity”

    This shift in preference signals not just a fleeting interest but a fundamental change in how and where Indians choose to live, promising continued growth and innovation in the sector. The future of residential real estate lies in these offbeat destinations, where tranquility and modernity converge, offering endless possibilities for those looking to invest in a lifestyle, not just property.

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