This Is How Virtual Reality Is Making Its Way Into Indian Real Estate Segment


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    Gone are the days when buying a home would mean endless and tiring site visits to have a look at the unfinished houses. While a generation ago, this was considered a pleasurable activity, time-robbed Millenials see it as an unnecessary hassle, often prolonging their decision to buy a house.

    However, the Indian real estate industry is just about to witness a paradigm shift in the way the customers will be approached, thanks to Virtual Reality. This technology is gaining huge popularity as a tailor-made application among both consumers as well as developers.

    This is how virtual reality technology is changing Indian real estate scenario:

    • For Developers:

    Forward-thinking realtors are already moving beyond photos,  and even 360-degree video and now have started offering clients 3D virtual property “tours” right on their devices. Using virtual reality’s high definition display, the developer can offer a hands-on feel of the entire project and that too with complete transparency.

    The technology gives an opportunity for developers to reach out to far-flung HNI clients and increase their geographic reach. VR headsets and the power of touch screens, that are compatible with all leading smartphones give the customer a 360-degree video inside the property of your choice.

    • For Brokers/Intermediaries:

    With a virtual reality headgear or special 3D glasses, customers can also view and even shortlist properties without consuming much time. Tailoring a design to a customers convenience along with giving them recommendations and suggestions can help create a delightful immersive experience through VR.

    • For Interior Designers:

    Making a home out of a house can be a mammoth task. While Indian Millenials today are well-traveled and well-informed with an aesthetic taste, they often don’t have time to procure the dream assets. And this is where VR technology can play a huge role.

    Pic Credit: LivSpace

    Bengaluru-based Livspace provides a one-stop shop for homeowners containing everything from interior designs to a full-scale inventory of home décor items, allowing them to customize a living space and witness a project shape up from start to finish- everything through VR technology.

    • For Customers/Home Buyers:

    To be able to walk through a place having the exact preview of how the future space is going to look like with even minuscule property features like placement of furniture, natural and artificial lighting, view from a balcony- all this without moving an inch from your place of work is definitely moving Millenials towards this technology.

    Pic Credit:

    A generation that is too familiar with online shopping, shortlisting or even making buying decisions through VR will be like just going an extra mile. With companies like Livspace providing a complete e-commerce catalog of home décor products, including door handles, curtains, upholstery, wood laminates, veneer, paints, and tiles, buying a house and getting the interiors done will now be a joy ride for new-age home buyers.


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