India Sets Global Benchmark with World’s First 3D Printed Temple in Telangana


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    Apsuja Infratech and Simpliforge Creations Collaborate to Revolutionize Architecture and Propel India to the Forefront of 3D Printed Construction.

    Hyderabad, India, June 1st, 2023: Witness history in the making as Apsuja Infratech, a pioneering construction company based in Hyderabad, joins forces with Simpliforge Creations, an innovative 3D printed Construction Company, to unveil a groundbreaking architectural marvel – the world’s first 3D printed place of worship. This monumental achievement not only marks a milestone in technological advancements but positions India as a global pioneer in 3D printed architecture.

    Prepare to be amazed as Telangana, the pride of India, plays host to the awe-inspiring 3D printed temple within the scenic Charvitha Meadows, located at Burugupally, Siddipet. This extraordinary structure serves as a testament to the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology, environmental sustainability, and the reverence of religious sanctuaries.

    Boasting a sprawling expanse of 3,800 sq.ft and standing tall at approximately 30 feet, this three-part architectural masterpiece captures the essence of Hindu spirituality. Within its magnificent walls, three sanctums, each meticulously crafted, pay homage to Lord Ganesha in the form of a ‘Modak’ (a fig-shaped delicacy), Lord Shankar in a Shivalay (a square abode), and Goddess Parvati in a captivating Lotus-shaped sanctuary. Spearheaded by Simpliforge, the temple’s construction employed their in-house developed system and groundbreaking material and software, solidifying its status as the first 3D printed structure of worship on such an unprecedented scale.

    Unleashing the true potential of 3D printed construction, Apsuja Infratech and Simpliforge Creations have shattered boundaries, showcasing the exceptional capabilities of their robotic arm system. Overcoming unique challenges, such as the striking dome-shaped structures of the Modak and the Lotus, the teams utilized bespoke design techniques, meticulous analysis, and innovative construction methods while adhering to the sacred principles of temple architecture. “The awe-inspiring architectural marvel before you stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication,” exclaimed Mr. Hari Krishna Jeedipalli, Managing Director of Apsuja Infratech.

    Phase II of this groundbreaking endeavor is already underway, with the completion of the Shivalay and the Modak construction. The upcoming stage will witness the creation of the majestic Lotus and towering spires (Gopurams), further cementing this extraordinary achievement.

    Simpliforge Creations, an industry leader in turnkey solutions for 3D printed construction, hails this project as a true reflection of the endless possibilities within the field. Mr. Dhruv Gandhi, CEO of Simpliforge Creations, remarked, “This remarkable structure exemplifies Simpliforge’s ability to print with extreme cantilever angles, catering to architectural and aesthetic requirements while addressing the challenges of in-situ construction. This pioneering concept paves the way for future applications of our robust systems in inaccessible areas such as frontiers, high-altitude regions, deserts, and snowy terrains, benefiting challenging environments, disaster-stricken zones, and defense applications. Our grand vision extends to extraterrestrial applications.”

    The world’s first 3D printed place of worship stands tall as an awe-inspiring testament to the harmonious convergence of human ingenuity, technological prowess, and architectural finesse. Following their successful delivery of India’s first 3D printed bridge prototype at Charvitha Meadows, this extraordinary temple now adds another global first to their list of remarkable accomplishments.

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