YEIDA’s Residential Plot Scheme to Boost Yamuna Expressway’s Growth


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    The Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, or YEIDA, recently announced the launch of a new residential plot scheme aimed at further boosting the potential of the Yamuna Expressway region. as reported by Financial Express  following the successful implementation of last year’s scheme, YEIDA plans to release approximately 6,500 plots, divided into 6,000 smaller plots and 500 larger plots, spanning from 30 square meters to 4,000 square meters. This strategic initiative is set to foster substantial growth and development in the region, particularly around the upcoming Noida International Airport at Jewar.

    Strategic Location and Connectivity

    The Yamuna Expressway is strategically positioned between Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Agra, Mathura, and Aligarh. It boasts seamless connectivity to Faridabad and is adjacent to the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. This advantageous location not only enhances accessibility but also solidifies the expressway’s status as a pivotal axis for economic and infrastructural development.

    Real Estate Surge Driven by Infrastructural Development

    The announcement of the Noida International Airport has already spurred significant real estate appreciation in the Yamuna Expressway area. Property valuations have surged by 30% to 40% in the last two years, attracting reputable developers to initiate both residential and commercial projects. This burgeoning interest underscores the region’s evolving landscape as a self-sustaining, modern urban center.

    Diverse Plot Options

    YEIDA’s residential plot scheme offers a diverse array of options, catering to a broad spectrum of homebuyers. From smaller, affordable plots starting at 30 square meters to expansive plots of up to 4,000 square meters, the scheme ensures inclusivity for different income groups. The pricing for a 30-square-meter plot is anticipated to be around Rs 7.5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh, making home ownership within reach for many.

    Transforming Yamuna Expressway

    Manoj Gaur, president of CREDAI NCR and CMD of Gaurs Group, said the new plot scheme is poised to significantly enhance the Yamuna Expressway’s potential. As more people move to the area, the demand for housing will rise, triggering further construction activities and elevating the region’s appeal as a residential hub. The holistic infrastructure already in place, coupled with ongoing developments, underscores the state government’s commitment to evolving the Yamuna Expressway into a global city.

    YEIDA’s Vision

    The vision for the Yamuna Expressway extends beyond just another integrated city. Salil Kumar, director of sales and marketing at CRC Group, envisions it as a self-contained, future-ready urban center. The city promises a pollution-free environment, modern amenities, and expansive surroundings, making it an ideal location for end-users and investors alike. This comprehensive vision includes world-class corporate, institutional, and industrial infrastructure, positioning the Yamuna Expressway as a city of the future.

    Infrastructure and Development Projects

    YEIDA is set to develop more than 6,000 hectares of land, encompassing two high-tech cities: an industrial township, a heritage city, an aero hub, a film city, and an apparel hub. This ambitious plan reflects the concerted efforts of both the central and UP governments to transform the Yamuna Expressway into an international hub.

    Key Development Areas

    • Film City: A dedicated hub for the film industry.
    • Apparel Hub: A center for the apparel and textile industry.
    • Aero City: An aerospace and aviation industry hub.
    • MSME Hub: A focus area for micro, small, and medium enterprises.
    • Hotel & Hospitality Hubs: Areas dedicated to the hospitality industry.
    • Institutional Area: Zones for educational and research institutions.
    • Corporate Hubs: Business and corporate offices.

    Investment Opportunities and Employment Growth

    The region’s transformation into a significant employment hub is anticipated to drive property values and rental income upward. Pawan Sharma, MD of Trisol RED, emphasizes that the Yamuna Expressway’s development from scratch, anchored by the Jewar International Airport and the expressway itself, positions it as an ideal location for both end-users and investors, consistently delivering significant returns on investment.


    YEIDA’s new residential plot scheme is set to further catalyze the growth and development of the Yamuna Expressway region. With strategic location advantages, diverse plot options, and comprehensive infrastructural projects, the area is transforming into a future-ready urban center. The ongoing developments, combined with the government’s commitment, make the Yamuna Expressway a prime destination for homebuyers, investors, and businesses, ensuring a promising future for all stakeholders involved.

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