Co-Living Player, Your-Space, Gears Up To Keep Residents Safe Amid COVID-19 Outbreak


An IIM-Cambridge-Oxford alumni initiative, Your-Space, is a built-to-suit student housing facility that offers top-class accommodation. Aiming at creating a brand that is consistent in safety, comfort and quality that can be trusted by students, parents as well as universities, they partner with property owners and developers to build a home for students by leasing, remodeling and managing large buildings.

Your-Space fosters holistic living through carefully chosen facilities and services by creating a jovial atmosphere. The company stands out in the cluttered paying guests and hostel rooms market by introducing the use of paperless technology to store data, biometric access that enhances safety and security, laundry services and multi-cuisine menu to suit the individual palate of the students.

Being the founder of co-living space, Nidhi Kumra talks about all the precautionary measures that are taken at Your-Space:

With the deadly virus on the rise and the increasing health risks, we are being extremely cautious with providing a healthy environment for our students as well as creating awareness among them. We are taking extra precautions in terms of cleanliness, safety, food, and awareness.

Nidhi Kumra, Founder and CEO, Your-Space
Nidhi Kumra, Founder and CEO, Your-Space

This is being done by handing out sanitizers at every hostel to each visitor, student and staff alike, providing counselling sessions by the hostel wardens in terms of how to keep oneself safe by reiterating hygiene maintenance and avoidance of crowded gatherings, close monitoring of every student to seek immediate medical attention if needed, to eliminating presence of all non-critical staff by reimbursements and providing masks, sanitizers etc.”

The startup, co-founded by former bankers and consultants Nidhi Kumra, Shubha Lal and Karan Kaushish, has 21 facilities across 7 cities with around 2,500 beds in India at present.

The firm aims to grow further by crossing the mark of 75,000 beds across India in the next 5 years. Your-Space has raised over 2 million dollars in funding from angels and individual investors till date.


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