5 Reasons Why Monsoon Is The Best Time To Buy New Home


Are you on a house hunt these days? Are you spending your weekend looking for properties to buy? Then monsoon is just the right time for you.

Yes, the monsoon is just the perfect time to assess the quality of a house. Contrary to the popular notion that one should suspend house hunting and inspection process for a few days during rains, home buyers should actually go out and visit the site during the monsoon season.

Here is why the monsoon is just the right time to buy a house:

  1. Infrastructure Of The Locality:

Those of you living in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Kolkatta already know how rains can play havoc in the commute. Visiting the site during the rainy season will let you know how good and effective are the amenities of the locality.

“Visiting a site in the monsoons when the traffic is at its worst, in most places, will provide insights on the waterlogging situation, as well as travel and access to the area,” Realty NXT quoted Shveta Jain, managing director – residential services, Cushman & Wakefield, as saying.

  1. Construction Quality:

Monsoon is undoubtedly the best time to check the quality of the construction of any structure. Problems like seepage, plumbing issues or dampness may show its ugly face only during this time of the year which otherwise remain hidden.

We agree that ascertaining construction quality in an under-construction property may not always be possible. However, the rainy season is the perfect time to check the quality of a resale house. So, to know the real truth before buying, make sure you visit the property during monsoon.

  1. Amenities:

The property that you have shortlisted to buy may be surrounded by lush green parks. However, its drainage system’s effectiveness comes into light only after a heavy downpour. Make sure you visit the site after a downpour to check whether you will need a boat to reach your home or the amenities are sound enough.

  1. Best Time For Negotiations:

If you find like leakages in the house during rains and still you are interested to buy the property, the ball is still in your court. Water-logging in the locality or seepage issue can become a tool to bargain further and get a fairly good deal on the price. This is definitely not possible to do at any other time of the year.

  1. Extra Discounts:

Not many people make property transactions during the monsoon. You can make the best use of this lean period to get the best price for a property, especially resale ones. Since the demand is less, sellers are usually willing to negotiate on lowering the price for serious buyers.

Since October-November is the most preferred time in India to make property investment, builders also often offer attractive discounts in the rainy season to boost their sales for that quarter.

So, don’t sit inside and wait for the monsoon to pass. Make the best use of this time and get the best deal. Happy buying!


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