9 Builders in Ghaziabad Directed to Finish EWS Flats or Risk Project Cancellation


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    The Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) has issued a stern warning to nine group housing developers, urging them to expedite the completion of EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) and LIG (Lower Income Group) flats or risk project cancellation. Despite the mandate for 7,030 EWS units and an equal count of LIG units across these developers, only 2,691 EWS units and 2,474 LIG units have been completed.

    CP Tripathi, the GDA’s additional secretary, emphasized the necessity of constructing 10% of total flats in EWS and LIG categories within a specified timeframe. He mentioned that the GDA approves project plans with the condition of building these flats promptly, yet many developers have failed to fulfill their commitments.

    To address these shortcomings, the GDA recently convened a meeting with the non-compliant developers, demanding a comprehensive status report for each project. They have instructed these developers to expedite the construction of EWS and LIG flats, cautioning that failure to do so could lead to project cancellation.

    Asheesh Shivpuri, former chief town planner of the GDA, highlighted the significance of EWS and LIG flats for financially disadvantaged sections, stressing that these units should ideally cost around Rs 6 lakh for EWS flats and Rs 9 lakh for LIG flats. He noted the specified area ranges for these units but expressed concern that several developers have not adhered to constructing them within the stipulated three-year period post-map sanction by development authorities.

    Shivpuri further explained the process whereby developers are required to publicize the number of EWS and LIG flats within their projects. Prospective beneficiaries then apply for these flats through the GDA. Upon completion, a committee headed by the GDA vice-chairperson and the district magistrate oversees the allotment of flats through a lottery system.

    Gaurav Gupta, Credai-NCR secretary, acknowledged that many of the defaulting developers operate integrated and hi-tech townships, citing this as a legacy issue predating the existence of UP-Rera. He highlighted past ambiguities in the pricing of EWS and LIG flats due to policy gaps but mentioned that the pricing is now linked to the cost index, providing clarity. Gupta emphasized that developers must comply with the construction mandate, warning that they will not receive completion certificates until they do so.

    (Source: ET Realty)

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