Ashwin Sheth Group Teams Up with HONO for Better Employee Services


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    Ashwin Sheth Group (ASG), known for its real estate work, has joined forces with HONO, an expert in making work easier for employees. This partnership means they’ll use fancy technology and smart tools to improve how they manage things for their workers at ASG’s offices and places they work.

    HONO is famous for helping companies manage their employees well. Now, they’re all set to bring special services to make ASG’s employee system even better. This partnership will bring in smart tools like chatbots and GenAI to help everyone who works at ASG. They’re using these new tech tools to make work smoother and better for everyone.

    Mr. Prabhakar Azad, from Ashwin Sheth Group, said they want to make things great for their workers. They’ve already started using some cool apps like SMARTAPP and HONO. They’re really keen on bringing in more digital tools for everyone they work with. This partnership with HONO shows how much they care about their employees. They’re teaming up to make things really good for the people who work at ASG by using these top-notch HR tools and HONO’s experience in this field.

    Mr. Mukul Jain, who runs HONO, feels proud to work closely with ASG. He wants to bring in the latest tech tools that use AI to manage the workforce better. He says they want to create a digital workplace that works well for the future. Their main goal is to make work better for everyone at ASG, helping them be more productive and efficient.

    HONO is known for its great services customized for each company. They want to make sure that ASG becomes a better place for everyone who works there. With their skills and commitment, they’ll help ASG improve how they manage their employees. This partnership shows that ASG wants to move forward and make things better for their employees, focusing on making work easier, more employee-friendly, and positive for everyone.

    About Ashwin Sheth Group

    Started in 1987, Ashwin Sheth Group is a big name in real estate in India and Dubai. They’ve done over 80 luxury projects worldwide, including famous places like Viviana Mall in Thane and Iris Bay in Dubai. Led by Mr. Ashwin Sheth, they’ve helped over 25,000 families find their dream homes and built over 35 million sq. Ft. of property. Mr. Sheth got an award as the ‘Real Estate Professional of the Year’ in 2023. They’ve won awards like ‘Most Preferred Brand of 2023’ and ‘Developer of the Year 2023.’

    About HONO

    HONO started in 2016 and helps companies manage their employees using smart technology in India, MENA, and Southeast Asia. They’re used by over 300 companies and 1 million+ employees in APAC. They focus on making work easier and better for employees by using technology. They make it simple to use and work on messaging platforms like WhatsApp and MS Teams. HONO takes security seriously and follows all safety rules.

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