Points To Keep In Mind While Looking For House To Rent [Checklist]


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    Looking for a house to rent? Better not make any decision in haste and go through the checklist here before sealing the deal.

    Here are some things to keep in mind while looking for house to rent:

    ·       Is the house close to your workplace?

    Proximity to workplace so that lesser time is spent on the road should be the prime criteria. The same idea applies to if you have school-going kids. Overall, decide a radius from school and your workplace within which you should look for the house to rent.

     ·       Is the house affordable?

    Affordability is another crucial factor for people looking for house to rent. Apart from the monthly rent, you should keep in account the maintenance costs, vehicle parking charges or any other hidden charge which might ultimately impact the overall expenditure.

     ·       Is the house big enough?

    Chart the minimum requirement  of the house (2 bhk, 3bhk or more) in your mind and look for homes in that category only. People often are tempted to opt for smaller homes since they are affordable but find them “not spacious enough” soon after shifting.

     ·       Will the home require frequent maintenance?

    Pay extra attention to the walls, flooring and plumbing of the house while inspection. Although recently released Model Tenancy Law charts out the liabilities of homeowners and tenants very clearly, (wherein minor work can be done tenants and he can deduct the expenditure from the monthly rent) getting endless repair and maintenance work done can be a headache.

     ·       How Is the nearby basic infrastructure?

    While proximity to workplace is important, it is also essential to choose a house that has good social infrastructure such as hospitals and education institutes and entertainment centers in close proximity.

     ·       Is the house well-connected?

    Home where you are planning to live for next few years should be well-connected and accessible through road and metro.

     ·       Will You Have access to amenities Like Swimming Pool, Club?

    While looking for houses in gated communities, we often get tempted with the society’s amenities like swimming pool, club, gym and/or extra parking space only to realize it later after shifting that tenants might not have access to these facilities. If having a pool and a club is one of your major priorities, it is better to check beforehand whether the rights to access the facilities is transferable to the licensee or the lessee or not in that particular housing society.

    If not, a clause can be inserted in the agreement, specifying that such incidental amenities and associated facilities will be accessible by the occupant. 

    ·       How much is rent deposit?

    There is a norm in some cities like Mumbai and Bengaluru to demand 6-7 and sometimes even 11 months of rent in advance as deposit. The model tenancy law has defined the rent deposit amount as not exceeding the rent of three months. It is better to enquire about the amount of rent deposit required beforehand while inspecting the house so as not to get harassed later.

    Also, make yourself aware of the newly drafted Model Tenancy Law.


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