Student Housing Spaces vs Hostels, PGs: What Is The Best Fit For Students? [Pros, Cons]


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    Gone are the days when college and days of early career would reminisce with rickety hostel beds, questionable hygiene and equally bad food. Students of today, who are leaving their hometowns to opt for metro colleges, have numerous options in hand when it comes to living arrangement. And the latest entrant in the segment is the professionally-run co-living spaces and student housing facilities.

    Private hostels and paying guest accommodations always have a rampant presence in the tier I and II cities due to perpetual lack of college hostels. Modern concept of student housing is more or less based on the traditional ones only except that it is more organized and transparent.

    Typically, a co-living space or a student housing facility has a commonly run kitchen, a utility space, lounge area, a common study zone apart from private bedroom and washroom. These facilities are more flexible and customizable and resonates with modern, comfortable, luxurious and hassle-free lifestyle.


    Benefits of Co-Living Over PGs and Hostels:

    ·       Zero Compromise On Comfort:

    Many of the modern age co-living firms claim the comforts of a home in their facilities. Be it ACs, furnished rooms and washrooms or good-quality food, co-living facilities go a long way to make their residents feel at home.

    On the other hand, most of the hostels have very basic facilities which students often find tough to adjust in.

     ·       Better Security:

    Many of the co-living spaces and student housing facilities assure top-level security with CCTV cameras as well as 24-hour armed security guards. Parents definitely feel more relaxed in the presence of such services as compared to PGs where security is a big problem.

     ·       Complimentary Wi-Fi:

    In today’s time and age where students need internet every second, the fact that student housing facilities offer complimentary 24-hour uninterrupted wifi services comes as a relief.

    Wherein in a hostel or a PG, students will have to spend extra to get access to high speed internet service.

     ·       Zero Maintenance Headache:

    Cleanliness and regular upkeep are taken care professionally in the modern student housing centers. Be it daily cleanliness or basic maintenance work, students don’t have to bother about anything and can focus totally on their studies.

    On the other hand, regular cleaning is a big question in the hostels while PG students often end up doing the task themselves as the owners often shrug themselves off from these mundane yet important job.

     ·       Flexibility:

    Co-living spaces are more flexible when it comes to terms of visitors, deadline to return back as compared to traditional PGs and hostels.

     Drawbacks Of Student Housing Over PGs, Hostels

    ·       Costlier Affair:

    Modern student housing and co-living spaces are usually a bit costlier than the regular hostels and PGs.

     ·       Location Constraint:

    Student housing and co-living are still an upcoming segment, therefore, they might not have the center wherever needed while small hostels and PGs tend to sprout right next to the colleges.


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