Big Indian Developers Are Using These 5 Latest Technologies In Mega Projects


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    Do you know the Indian construction market is set to be the world’s third-largest construction market by 2021?

    In the last decade, there has been a tectonic shift in the way real estate and construction industry work in India. Indian construction is no more about brick and mortar. Although the industry remains a labor-intensive one, technology has taken giant leaps in this sector right from project planning to implementation and delivery.

    Not only the planning part, traditional construction management methodologies are also being replaced or reinforced with new tools and technology. Let us have a quick look at the latest technologies used by realtor and developers in India today:

    1. CCTV Monitoring:

    CCTVs at the under-construction site is now a common sight. These cameras not only help to track events across the site in more than one place at a time, they also help in checking thefts of the raw material and monitoring lower and mid-level employees.

    1. Drones:

    Drones or UAVs is now being used extensively to monitor the construction work for large and complex sites. Drones can be used to do thermal mapping, land surveying, providing a bird-eye view of the workforce operating at heights and for assessing future threats. Drones are still not used rampantly in India as legalities of their usage is not yet formalized.

    1. Building Information Model:

    BIM is a 3-d model-based process for creating and managing projects. It is a kind of digital description of every aspect of the build. The objects in the model are further linked to related information such as quantity, images or specifications. BIM is now fast being adopted by Indian developers construction professionals as it helps them in creating better plans, producing faster results, and staying within budget.

    Pic Credit: Wikimedia Commons
    1. Cloud-Based Document Storage:

    Managing the documents can be a hell of a task in real estate. Now, developers and construction companies have started using Cloud-based document management system that in turn helps to keep all the project related documents in an easily accessible organized manner.

    Pic Credit: Record Nations
    1. Procurement Software:

    Procurement software is a revolution in itself as it contributes to automating the entire tendering process in a project. This software is further integrated with the Client ERP system and support e-bidding process flows. Such a system maintain transparency and a clear audit trail behind for all orders released against a project.


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