Godrej Landmark Redevelopers Faces GST Demand of Rs. 129.39 Crore


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    Godrej Landmark Redevelopers (GLRPL), now part of Godrej Projects Development (GPDL), a subsidiary of Godrej Properties, is confronted with a substantial Goods and Services Tax (GST) demand. The Additional Commissioner, CGST & C. Ex., Navi Mumbai, has issued an order demanding Rs. 129.39 crore in GST, along with interest and penalties. This demand is in connection with an alleged non-payment of GST for a specific project undertaken by GLRPL in Mumbai.

    A Corporate Transformation

    Godrej Landmark Redevelopers, which recently merged with Godrej Projects Development, has long been a prominent player in the Indian real estate sector. The merger marked a significant shift in the corporate landscape, presenting both challenges and opportunities.

    The Core Issue

    At the heart of the matter is the alleged failure to remit the Goods and Services Tax (GST) related to one of GLRPL’s projects in Mumbai. The tax authority’s order has sent shockwaves through the industry, with a demand for Rs. 129.39 crore, accompanied by penalties and interest.

    The central question arises: How does GPDL intend to navigate this complex situation?

    GPDL’s Response

    In an official statement, GPDL confirmed its intention to contest the order through the appropriate legal channels. The company reassured stakeholders that the order would not have a significant impact on its financial, operational, or other activities.

    The key question is: What is GPDL’s outlook on the likely outcome of this legal battle, given the prevailing legal landscape and established industry precedents?

    Expected Outcome

    Based on its internal assessment and an understanding of the current legal environment, GPDL holds a reasonably positive outlook regarding the outcome of the legal challenge. This optimism is rooted in the interpretation of the law and precedents set in similar disputes.

    Another subsidiary, Godrej Redevelopers (Mumbai) (GRMPL), has recently encountered a similar situation. An order for GST demand, amounting to Rs. 48.31 crore, along with interest and penalties, was issued to GRMPL concerning one of its projects in Mumbai.

    Broader Implications

    In addition to the GST demands, the City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) revoked the allotment of two adjacent plots in Sampada, Navi Mumbai, to Godrej Properties. In response, the company filed a writ petition with the Bombay High Court to challenge the cancellation.

    Given these turbulent developments, what is Godrej Properties’ perspective on its legal standing, and what can be expected moving forward?

    According to the company’s assessment and interpretation of the law, Godrej Properties reasonably anticipates a favorable resolution. This perspective is rooted in the prevailing legal context, which offers room for a constructive solution.

    A Glimpse Into the Past

    In March 2021, Godrej Properties emerged as the highest bidder in the CIDCO e-auction process, securing the two adjacent plots with a winning bid of Rs. 166 crore. The ambitious plan was to develop premium residential apartments on a land area of approximately 1.5 acres. This project promised a development potential of about 4 lakh square feet, according to the company’s estimates.


    The real estate industry is dynamic and often unpredictable, as recent events involving Godrej Landmark Redevelopers and its subsidiaries have demonstrated. The GST demand, coupled with the CIDCO plot cancellation, has created a challenging environment for the company.

    Nevertheless, in the face of adversity, GPDL and its sister companies under the Godrej Properties umbrella remain resolute. They are committed to upholding the law, defending their interests, and securing a favorable resolution.

    This situation serves as a reminder that even industry giants can face unexpected challenges. The legal battles ahead will undoubtedly be closely observed by stakeholders and the broader real estate community.

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