Greater Noida Authority Progresses Toward Master Plan 2041 Approval


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    The Greater Noida authority is on track to finalize and notify the Master Plan 2041, a strategic blueprint for the future development of this industrial hub to accommodate an estimated population of 4.74 million by 2041. In 2011, the town had a population of 660,000, which increased to 1,273,800 in 2021. The draft Master Plan 2041, endorsed by the Greater Noida authority board on August 12, envisions the city’s expansion to meet this growing population.

    Under the master plan notification process, the authority will address objections and suggestions from the public concerning the draft master plan. Following this, the final Master Plan 2041 is expected to be completed within a month. This will pave the way for the continued development of Greater Noida, situated between Noida and the Delhi-Kolkata railway line.

    Established in 1992 by the Uttar Pradesh government, Greater Noida occupies approximately 31,591 hectares of agricultural land, making it significantly larger than Noida. However, Noida has exhausted its industrial land allocation, necessitating the expansion of Greater Noida through the approval of Master Plan 2041. This expansion will encompass an additional 39,733.09 hectares in the Dadri area, lying between the Delhi-Kolkata railway line and Hapur-Bulandshahr road near Golaothi town.

    Leenu Sehgal, General Manager of the Greater Noida authority, explained, “Once we address all technical objections and suggestions to the draft master plan 2041, the blueprint for development will be sent to the Uttar Pradesh government for final approval. Once approved, land acquisition will commence for this ambitious project, which will extend into a significant part of neighboring Bulandshahr.”

    In terms of land allocation, the draft Master Plan 2041 allocates 17.4% of the total area for residential use, a slight decrease from the 22.4% allocated in the 2021 plan. Conversely, the new plan designates a larger area for industrial use, with 25.4% of the total land area earmarked for this purpose, compared to only 18% in the 2021 master plan. However, the proportion of green area has decreased in the 2041 draft master plan, with 18.5% allocated for recreational green space, down from 22.36% in the previous plan.

    Interested parties can obtain a copy of the draft master plan from the main administrative building in Knowledge Park-4, Greater Noida, or view it on the authority’s portal. Residents can also submit objections and suggestions via email to [email protected] until October 20.

    The Master Plan 2041 aims to promote transit-oriented development (TOD) in Greater Noida’s second phase expansion, bringing people and jobs closer to mass transit systems. This strategic shift is expected to improve public transit ridership, reduce vehicular congestion and emissions, and enhance convenience for residents in the long run. The plan includes provisions for higher Floor Area Ratio (FAR) norms and compact mixed-use development, with necessary infrastructure enhancements managed by relevant service providers. Additionally, the plan emphasizes green building practices and environmental conservation.

    Overall, the Master Plan 2041 represents a shift from monofunctional land use planning to multifunctional land use, fostering both vertical and horizontal integration within designated areas.

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