Greater Noida Prepares for Warehousing Boom with New Ecotech 16 Scheme


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    Greater Noida, June 17, 2023 – The Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) is set to introduce a promising warehousing scheme in the Ecotech 16 sector, catering to the increasing demand for storage facilities in Greater Noida. The move comes as the city boasts excellent connectivity through rail and road networks, making it an ideal location for such ventures.

    During a recent review of the industrial department on June 15, CEO Ritu Maheshwari of the Greater Noida Authority issued instructions for the implementation of the scheme. Additionally, she directed officials to revoke the allotment of projects that have failed to make the required payments, even after receiving allotment letters under various schemes.

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    Speaking on the matter, an official from GNIDA disclosed that CEO Maheshwari had instructed the initiation of preparations for a warehousing scheme in Ecotech 16. “In order to launch a warehousing scheme, we require sizable plots, which are readily available in Ecotech 16. Our team will now begin crafting a plan for the scheme, encompassing the determination of plot numbers, sizes, and pricing. This process is anticipated to be completed within the next 2-3 months,” the official stated. They further added that on-site inspections would be conducted to ascertain the appropriate number and size of plots to be offered.

    The official also emphasized the scheme’s substantial potential, given the high demand for warehouses in Greater Noida. The city’s efficient rail and road networks make it an attractive hub for storage facilities. While declining to disclose the names of interested firms, the official revealed that several companies have already shown keen interest in establishing warehouses in Greater Noida.

    In a bid to address the issue of defaulters, CEO Maheshwari urged officials to compile a list of the top-20 individuals or entities who have neglected to fulfill payment obligations despite receiving allotment letters for various schemes.

    The forthcoming warehousing scheme in Ecotech 16 holds promise for Greater Noida, meeting the growing demand for storage facilities in a well-connected industrial hub. With preparations underway, businesses can anticipate new opportunities for growth and expansion in the region.


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