Gurugram Authorities Collaborate with Architects to Streamline OC Issuance


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    In a significant move aimed at addressing irregularities in the issuance of Occupation Certificates (OCs) under the self-certification scheme, the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) in Gurugram convened a meeting on Monday with prominent architects. The primary directive was for architects to rigorously adhere to established norms during the certification process.

    Architects participating in the meeting urged the DTCP to establish two distinct categories of construction work to provide greater clarity during the OC issuance:

    1. Minimum Site Work: This category encompasses the fundamental tasks that must be executed on the construction site to meet regulatory requirements.
    2. Non-Site Work: Conversely, this category comprises tasks that do not require on-site execution, effectively outlining the division of responsibilities.

    The outcome of this collaborative effort will be two meticulously crafted lists, poised for submission to the District Town Planner’s (DTP) office by Wednesday. The purpose of these lists is to enhance transparency and precision throughout the OC issuance process.

    In a comprehensive discussion during the meeting, architects delved into various aspects of finishing work in buildings. The insights generated during these discussions were documented and will be subsequently submitted to the DTP for consideration. Architects also engaged in detailed deliberations, focusing on key points to be included in the lists and elements that merit exclusion.

    Rajesh Kaushik, District Town Planner (Planning), emphasized the importance of this collaborative initiative, stating, “The team of architects discussed various aspects of finishing work in buildings, which will be documented and submitted to the DTP. Consequently, all architects also deliberated on points which should be added to the list and excluded.”

    DTCP officials remain steadfast in their commitment to ensuring compliance with prescribed guidelines for all new OC submissions. This stringent evaluation process ensures strict adherence to regulations, safeguarding the structural integrity and safety of buildings in Gurugram.

    However, architects expressed concerns regarding the pending list of OCs, which has not been provided as promised by the department. Under the self-certification rules introduced on November 16, 2022, architects were granted authority to issue OCs for residential buildings. Following issuance, architects were required to submit files to DTP (Planning), DTP (Enforcement), and the STP office. The enforcement team conducts checks on 10% of the buildings that have received OCs.

    In response to the unresolved list issue, architects are determined to seek resolution. “Though the DTP had promised to share the list of OCs granted with the architects, we have not been provided it. Now, we plan to meet Senior Town Planner Renuka Singh to resolve the issues. If she denies our request, the association will approach DTCP Director TL Satyaprakash,” remarked one architect.

    This collaborative effort between the DTCP and architects signifies a promising stride toward a more efficient and transparent OC issuance process as Gurugram’s architectural landscape continues to evolve. With architects actively engaged in refining the system, the city can anticipate safer, more compliant, and aesthetically pleasing constructions that stand as testaments to Gurugram’s architectural excellence.

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