How Can We Create Enviromnetally Smart Homes?


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    Smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs and now smart homes? But what if our homes become environmentally smarter too?

    It is high time we realize that we have to be sync in with the nature or less the future can be disastrous. Not just smart homes but environmentally smart homes are the need of the hour.

    What is Environmentally Smart Home?

    While smart home implies that a home that uses technology to allow the home’s systems and electronics to communicate with one another, be controlled by a time schedule, and even be remotely activated from a smartphone or other web enabled device, environmentally smart homes do everything but in a more greener and energy-saving way.

    How can we make environmentally smart Home?

    ·       Rainwater Harvesting:

    Do you know that months of drinking water supply can be harvested within a few hours of good rain? Each and every building should be equipped with rain water harvesting facilities to store, filter, clean, recycle and use rain water. If the method is used with maximum efficiency without fail in every building, think about the amount of water that we would be able to save, especially in the areas that receive fair amount of rain fall.

     ·       Roofscaping:

    Apart from harvesting rainwater, what if we can attract rains in the areas that don’t receive much of it? The Planet Symphony’s Urban Roofscaping Project (URP) focuses on attracting rains, harvesting rainwater, preventing flood in and outside the premises, ensuring purer air, cooling temperatures down by 1.5 degree Celsius, reducing energy bills and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. 

     This method says that every building should be planted with terrace gardens and potted plants to create manmade greenery in cities.

    ·       Solar Panels:

    It is time that a country like India, which receives abundant sunlight almost the whole year, should take up solar energy seriously and reduces the pressure on non-renewable sources like coal for energy needs. While Indian government is working very actively towards creating policies aimed at moving toward greater use of solar power and attracting global funding in this regard, the onus lies on individuals housing units and residential projects as well to educate themselves and harness the solar power.

    However, residential consumers usually put off by the high installation costs and the technical know-how needed to make these units part of the existing grid for stable supply.

    Interestingly, Diu is one of India’s most recent solar accomplishments. It once imported nearly three-quarters of its power from nearby state Gujarat but the district is now self-sufficient in day-time electricity needs with power from a solar park and rooftop solar-power units on government buildings. Residents are also being offered subsidies to set up rooftop units.

    ·       Sky Lights:

    Sky lights are nothing but windows on the roof. Apart from increasing the aesthetic appeal of the home, they let in the day light thus reducing the need to switch on the lights during day time.

    However, sky lights should be placed after much consideration and studies or else you will end up spending more to cool your home instead.


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