Micro Markets at Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon: An In-Depth Real Estate Overview


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    Gurgaon, once considered a satellite town, has undergone a significant transformation, emerging as one of India’s fastest-growing metropolitan cities. Ankit Kansal, Founder & MD of 360 Realtors, provides insights into Gurgaon’s evolution, emphasizing the challenges and opportunities that accompany its rapid development.

    Emerging Prospective Micro-Markets

    The Dwarka Expressway and its adjacent areas, specifically Sectors 73-95 and Sectors 102-113, are emerging as the potential “New Gurgaon.” These regions, situated along the 8-lane expressway, have attracted attention due to the forthcoming housing projects, commercial centers, and retail establishments. Despite rising property rates, these areas continue to allure both end-users and investors due to comparatively lower prices.

    Micro-MarketKey Highlights
    Sector 83Rapid Growth, Prime Connectivity
    Sector 104Serene Living Amidst Nature
    Sector 88Visionary Hub for Commercial Ventures
    Sector 91Emerging Connectivity Hub
    Sector 99Strategic Location with Future Potential
    Sector 83:

    Situated adjacent to NH 48 and merely 2 km from the Dwarka Expressway, Sector 83 showcases a plethora of new residential and commercial projects. Offering seamless connectivity to major hubs in Gurgaon and the IGI airport, this area provides a tranquil living environment amidst rapid developments.

    Key FeaturesDetails
    PopulationApproximately 40,000 in nearby regions
    ConnectivityExcellent accessibility to major hubs
    DevelopersEmar, Mapsko, Vatika, and others
    Sector 104:

    Known for its contemporary real estate projects, Sector 104 offers a serene living experience amidst lush greenery. Its proximity to Dwarka and Gurgaon, combined with access to rural areas, appeals notably to middle-income households. Upcoming commercial ventures, such as The Townwalk, further augment its charm.

    Key FeaturesDetails
    PopulationApproximately 5,000 within the sector
    ConnectivityAccessible to key areas in Gurgaon
    DevelopersATS, Hero Homes, Godrej, Puri, and more
    Sector 88:

    Labeled as “Vision City,” Sector 88 is evolving into a robust commercial center across the Dwarka Expressway. Significant investments are channeling into planned commercial projects and the adjacent Global City, fostering simultaneous growth in housing developments by prominent builders.

    Key AttributesDetails
    DevelopersVatika, Godrej, M3M, Signature Global, Orris, Bestech
    InfrastructureOngoing construction of commercial centers, office towers, SCOs, and a 5-star hotel
    ConnectivityDirect access to Dwarka Expressway and proposed metro extension

    Sector 91: Emerging Connectivity Hub

    Strategically positioned across the Dwarka Expressway, Sector 91 offers proximity to the IGI airport, convention centers, and key areas in Gurgaon. Despite lacking metro connectivity, it exhibits potential for retail development alongside the growth in residential and commercial projects.

    Key HighlightsDetails
    ConnectivityAccessible to Gurgaon hubs via NH8
    DevelopmentsRetail hubs like Vatika Town Square, Saphire malls, and Gallexie-91
    PopulationApproximately 40,000 households driving retail growth
    Sector 99:

    Situated along the 8-lane Dwarka Expressway, Sector 99 benefits from convenient access to Delhi, Gurgaon, and the IGI Airport. The area’s proximity to major Gurgaon hubs, combined with ongoing residential, commercial, and retail projects, earmarks it as a prospective region for future growth.

    Key AdvantagesDetails
    ConnectivityClose proximity to NH8 and major employment hubs
    ProspectsGrowing housing and commercial projects
    PotentialStrong future growth potential with infrastructural developments

    These micro-markets along the Dwarka Expressway in Gurgaon exhibit promising growth trajectories. Their strategic locations, coupled with planned developments and upcoming infrastructures, position them as significant contributors to Gurgaon’s dynamic real estate landscape.

    By – 360 Realtor

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