New Metro Route in Noida Under Consideration: NMRC Begins Feasibility Study


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    The Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) is embarking on a feasibility study to explore the potential of a new metro route connecting Noida and Greeno West Metro. The initiative comes in response to directives from the Central Government, which aims to enhance public transportation in the region.

    The proposed route, spanning 1.5 kilometers, is set to connect Greeno West Metro and is expected to alleviate the growing demand for metro connectivity in the area. It is designed to facilitate commuters traveling from Sector-51 to Sector-61, extending up to Sector-122.

    The NMRC is responsible for crafting the feasibility report for this new route, which will serve as a crucial link between the Blue and Aqua lines, streamlining metro operations in the region.

    A Detailed Project Report (DPR) has already been approved for the previously proposed route from Sector-51 to Sector-72, located near Baba Balkanath Temple. However, following a recent meeting at the central government level, officials instructed NMRC to explore alternative options. Officials from NMRC expressed concerns about the challenges posed by the new route.

    One of the primary challenges is the limited space available to construct a second station near Sector-61, where two petrol pumps are situated in close proximity. Additionally, accommodating the second metro line after the Blue Line Metro from Sector-61 and above presents further challenges. A high-tension power line is currently running in front of Kailash Hospital, adding complexity to the project.

    Efforts are underway to connect the station through a skywalk, facilitating the seamless integration of the Aqua and Blue lines. Despite these efforts, the Central Government deemed these solutions insufficient, triggering the initiation of a feasibility study for the new route.

    This new route will also impact the signaling system of the Sector-51-52 route, further complicating the decision-making process.

    The approval of the proposed old route would expedite the commencement of the project in the next three to four months. However, if the Central Government opts for a new route, the approval process could take anywhere from six months to a year. Consequently, work may not begin until after the Lok Sabha elections.

    Should a new route be chosen, a fresh Detailed Project Report (DPR) will be created, which will subsequently be presented for approval during a board meeting.

    The Noida Electronic City sector, which encompasses Sector-62, Sector-43, Sector-59, and other areas, is anticipated to benefit significantly from this metro expansion, offering residents and commuters improved access to public transportation. The project is poised to bring enhanced connectivity to Sector-61, Sector-51, and various other sectors, further improving Noida’s transportation infrastructure.

    As NMRC conducts its feasibility study, it aims to find an optimal solution that will efficiently connect these key areas, while also addressing the potential challenges that the new route may pose.

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