Noida Authority Launches Dedicated Enforcement Wing to Combat Illegal Constructions and Land Encroachments


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    NOIDA, India — The Noida authority is taking decisive steps to counteract the persistent challenges posed by encroachments on government land and unauthorized extensions of residential properties. In response to a worrisome surge in cases involving homeowners constructing additional structures in defiance of building regulations, a dedicated enforcement wing is on the horizon.

    This affirmative decision emerged from the 210th board meeting held on Sunday. The Noida authority collectively endorsed the establishment of this enforcement arm, underscoring its commitment to upholding urban planning and construction standards. To facilitate the effective functioning of the enforcement wing, the authority is in the process of assembling a specialized team of officials.

    The focal point of this enforcement team will be addressing violations of building bylaws within residential complexes, encompassing apartments and bungalows. In tandem, the team will proactively combat encroachments on government-owned land.

    Satish Pal, additional chief executive officer of the Noida authority, affirmed, “We are resolute in creating the enforcement wing in alignment with the stipulated regulations, as mandated by the decision taken during the board meeting.”

    The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has highlighted a concerning issue in its audit, bringing to light that land encroachers have seized 45.26 square meters of government land, resulting in financial losses for the state exchequer.

    Currently, residents frequently lodge both online and offline complaints with the authority, alleging violations of the building bylaws-2010 by property owners. Instances of government land being unlawfully seized are also prevalent. Traditionally, such cases have fallen under the purview of regular staff members from various departments. However, the introduction of this dedicated enforcement team promises more effective handling of these matters.

    Lokesh M, chief executive officer of the Noida authority, clarified, “In light of staff shortages, we have obtained approvals from the state government.” The Noida authority intends to recruit approximately 44 personnel, including revenue officials and legal officers from the state government. For other roles such as assistant managers, junior engineers, and support staff, the authority will engage the services of private companies on a contractual basis.

    The establishment of the enforcement wing underscores the Noida authority’s commitment to addressing land encroachments and unauthorized constructions, further fortifying the city’s urban planning and development framework.


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