Post-RERA, Big Developers Are Using These Real Estate Innovations To Reduce Construction Time


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    All thanks to RERA, Indian developers now run on a tight schedule to finish the construction of their projects on time. And this very need has given birth to a slew of new set of real estate innovations.

    Now that RERA is in play, developers are on their toes to finish the construction on time to avoid penalties for delays. Here are some new real estate innovations and technologies which can be used to shrink the time taken for the construction of per unit or floor:

    1. 3D Modelling:

    With the help of 3D modelling, the construction process will no longer involve rolling out blueprints of building designs. Not only this new tech will enable to speed up the design process but it also helps in identifying design problem thus reducing rework. A 3D system, Building Information Modelling, allows developers to design even functional characteristics like plumbing and electrical wiring before they begin work.

    1. Alu-Form:

    A shorter name for aluminium formwork, this technique uses metal in place of the traditional plywood shuttering when making the mould or framework for the construction of the outer walls, floors and ceilings. Aluminium is sturdier, easier to use and provides better finish, especially for the exterior walls.

    1. Tunnel Formwork:

    In this technique, beams, walls and columns are all constructed in one go. When this way gets combined with Alu-form, results can be groundbreaking.

    “A floor takes even less time than with alu-form, and can be completed in about a day,” Hindustan Times quoted Farshid Cooper, director of Spenta Corporation developers, as saying.

    1. Jump Formwork:

    This technology works best in the case of several identical buildings, as in a township, or consist of a building more than 20 storeys high. In such structures, the core of the buildings, which includes areas like the staircase, lift and lobby, takes longer to build than the floor plan of flats. Jump formwork helps to build the core of two or three floors at once, thus, speeding up the construction process.

    A point to be noted here that these new approaches can cost 15% to 25% more. And only in large projects, this cost can be offset by time saved.


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