State-Owned Banks Set to Expedite Sale of Defaulters’ Properties


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    In a noteworthy development, state-owned banks in India are preparing to introduce approximately half a million properties into the market through an advanced property auction platform. This innovative platform is poised to transform property auctions and is easily accessible through a mobile app. The Ministry of Finance has directed these banks to hasten the establishment of this groundbreaking platform and application, marking a significant shift in property sale procedures.

    A Paradigm Shift in Property Auctions

    Traditionally, state-owned banks have listed properties for sale, primarily those seized due to loan defaults. However, these advertisements often go unnoticed by the general public. The upcoming property auction platform is positioned to fundamentally alter this landscape. Prospective buyers will gain access to comprehensive information about these properties, greatly facilitating informed decisions.

    Comprehensive Property Listings

    On this platform, bidders will have the advantage of exploring a wide range of property details. They can scrutinize the ownership type, peruse photographs and videos of the properties, and access various other critical specifics. Notably, the current database indicates that over 300 properties are available in the National Capital Territory (NCT) region, with Maharashtra boasting around 1,800 such properties. The property listings encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from residential and commercial properties to industrial and agricultural land.

    Streamlining the Process

    In a recent meeting convened by the Ministry, state-owned banks received clear instructions to expedite the development of the eBKray listing and auction portal. This move reflects a concerted effort to eliminate any technical and business hurdles that may have hindered the project’s progress. An official familiar with the discussions stated, “Banks were directed to coordinate and ensure the resolution of all technical and business issues. We anticipate the app and the new eBkray version to go live by the end of this year.”

    The eBkray Initiative

    The eBkray project was initially launched in 2019 by the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) as an e-auction platform designed to facilitate the online auction of attached assets by banks. It was envisioned as a one-stop solution for accessing information on properties available for e-auction, offering comparisons of similar properties, and providing videos and photographs for potential buyers. However, until now, the project had not fully taken off.

    As state-owned banks intensify their efforts to streamline the auctioning of defaulters’ properties through a state-of-the-art platform and mobile application, a new era in property auctions is dawning. The forthcoming changes promise to enhance transparency and accessibility, benefiting both banks and potential buyers alike. Keep an eye out for the official launch of the enhanced eBkray platform, set to go live by the end of this year.

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