Transformation of Valuable Real Estate into a Massive Dumpsite in Noida’s Heart


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    A prime piece of land in the heart of Noida, spanning an area equivalent to 80 football fields and valued at around Rs 11,000 crore, has sadly turned into a giant landfill.

    Originally owned by the Wave group for six years, only a fraction of the land was developed into two towers, leaving the rest surrendered to the Noida Authority in 2017.

    Since then, the Noida Authority has struggled to find a use for the land and eventually allowed it to become a dumping ground for horticultural waste, which includes things like twigs, branches, and flowers. Over time, tons of rubbish accumulated, creating an unofficial landfill.

    Recently, the landfill caught fire for the second time in less than a year, exposing thousands of people to hazardous smoke. Efforts to extinguish the flames have been ongoing for over 48 hours.

    Plans to commercialize the land have been delayed due to a lack of suitable bidders. However, the Authority intends to launch a new commercial scheme for the land after the Lok Sabha polls.

    The site, which covers 112 acres, will be divided into 15 plots for commercial purposes. Situated at a prime location bordered by four main roads, it is surrounded by residential and commercial areas, causing concerns about the fire’s impact on nearby properties.

    The landfill, which receives 30-40 tractor loads of waste daily, primarily consists of horticultural waste from pruning activities in 60 sectors. Unfortunately, there is currently no efficient technology to process this waste into compost immediately.

    The fire is believed to have been started by miscreants, prompting plans to engage a private agency for waste management once the elections are over.

    To address the issue, the Noida Authority plans to clear the site and relocate all horticultural waste to designated areas in sectors 10, 117, and 150.

    (Credits: ET Realty)

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