Dwarka’s New Food Courts and Cycle Tracks: A Public Oasis


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    The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) is making significant strides in its mission to create more recreational spaces for the public. The latest additions to the vibrant cityscape are two food courts in Dwarka, namely Amrit Dhara, adjacent to Sector 9’s metro station, and Amrit Ras, situated near Sector 13. Covering a generous expanse of 694 and 414 square meters, these food courts collectively provide room for 30 and 20 food joints, inviting visitors to indulge in a culinary experience like no other. These spaces offer more than just gastronomic delights; they are part of a larger effort to rejuvenate Trunk Drains, boasting dedicated cycle tracks and walkway corridors. The vision is clear – to create a more liveable and recreational urban environment.

    The Flavors of Dwarka

    Amrit Dhara and Amrit Ras are not your average food courts. The former spans 694 square meters and accommodates a total of 30 food joints, while the latter, Amrit Ras, offers 414 square meters of space and houses 20 food establishments. Between these food havens, visitors will discover expansive open areas replete with seating arrangements, providing an ideal setting for relaxation.

    From Tender to Table

    To bring these culinary and leisure havens to life, DDA has initiated a tender process for the e-auctioning of the food court plazas. The “as is where is” principle underlines the approach, permitting licensees to manage these facilities either directly or through service providers. Only after rigorous adherence to safety norms and standards will DDA finalize agreements, ensuring a secure and pleasant experience for all patrons.

    A Gastronomic Adventure

    Delight your taste buds with a plethora of multi-cuisine dishes available at these food plazas. The dishes are crafted in either independent or common kitchens, offering a diverse range of flavors. The common seating and standing areas are equipped with necessary furnishings and disposal bins, with the responsibility of maintaining these shared spaces resting with the licensee. As for infrastructure and equipment, the licensee will be responsible for ensuring the seamless operation of the food courts.

    Long-Term Enjoyment

    Initial licenses for these food courts have a five-year tenure, with the possibility of extensions up to 15 years. This means that residents and visitors alike can anticipate enjoying delicious meals and snacks at Amrit Dhara and Amrit Ras for an extended period.

    Rejuvenating Trunk Drains

    However, these food courts are not just about satiating your culinary cravings; they are integral to the DDA’s ambitious project of rejuvenating Trunk Drains, specifically numbers 2 and 5 in Dwarka. These rejuvenated drains will feature dedicated cycle tracks and walkway corridors, creating a feeder network for nearby metro stations, ensuring that cyclists can navigate intersections with ease.

    More Than Food

    The food plaza near Sector 9’s metro station, part of the Trunk Drain No. 2 rejuvenation project, offers a comprehensive experience. It includes a nature trail, an open-air food court, an open-air theater, three solar arcades, and two ecological zones. Simultaneously, the food plaza in Sector 13, a part of the Trunk Drain No. 5 rejuvenation project, provides a similar experience for residents in that area.

    Seamless Connectivity

    To enhance the appeal, the food court near Sector 9’s metro station will seamlessly connect to the cycle track, allowing metro users to effortlessly reach the main road. This efficient and eco-friendly commuting option adds another layer of convenience to these exciting developments.

    In a city as dynamic and fast-paced as Delhi, these recreational spaces and rejuvenation projects offer a breath of fresh air. As Dwarka’s food courts open their doors and the cycle tracks wind their way through the city, it’s a step closer to creating a more livable and enjoyable urban landscape. So, why not head over to Amrit Dhara or Amrit Ras, grab a bite, and be part of this exciting transformation?

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